Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BoReD oUt Of My MiNd

Wow. Two days in a row at home, and I'm losing it. I always think I'd love to go back to not working~but then this happens and I think, "Nah". I like my job.

Graham is worse than he was yesterday~his fever was way up this morning, and he's had a rough day. The doctor called him in some medicine to stop his cough and to make him sleep. He's been exhausted all day, but is the kind of kid that canNOT sleep during the day. Sounds like his daddy.

Me on the other hand? Not a problem. I can take 2 naps in the day and still sleep all night. Not that I did that today. NO WAY, JOSE. Not moi.

I did finally manage to do something productive~I vacuumed. Someone could have knit me a sweater from all Andy's hair. Did you ever see that lady on the Today show that had a sweater made out of her cats' hair?? Gross. I was kidding about all the hair~it really wasn't THAT bad. Kind of. Sort of.

I don't know what's wrong with me~weird mood, strange sarcasm, hmmmmm. Cabin fever? Maybe. I already called in for tomorrow. Today I actually talked to the boss lady instead of emailing her. I almost cried, she was so nice about me not being there. As much as I am getting cabin fever, I don't want to leave Graham. Pitiful little thing. He hasn't gotten off the couch hardly at all today.

So. What have YOU been doing?? Besides going crazy wishing it was already the weekend? Joking about that~I hope you're not. I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday.

I went to Bible study last night and already finished one night's homework. It is going to be so good~it's based on John 10:27~"My sheep listen to My voice; I know them and they follow Me."

Mmmmm. Good stuff. It's called Discerning the Voice of God. It's definitely going to deliver exactly what I'm wanting right now. I may post some about it tomorrow. Right now, my Drew is wanting to get on the computer, so I'd better get off. Love to all!


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

My Lukie has been sick too and I just hate to hear that Graham is still so sick!!! I am praying for him and the family!!!

STay busy but I Know what you mean, I was home with Luke today and I didn't get hardly anything done! And I'm secretly looking forward to going back to work tomorrow :)


all4boys said...

Aw, thanks, Katie! It's a nasty little bug that's going around. Thankfully no flu and no strep. I am doing the opposite of busy~because I usually am so much so, that it is amazing to just SIT. And be lazy!!! Hence the afternoon nap{s}.

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