Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Mrs. Goodwin"

I am still not used to this part of my job. When I hear "Mrs. Goodwin", I want to turn around and look for my mother~in~love. And then I remember, oh yeah. I'm Mrs. Goodwin. I went to the Wally Wurrrrld, as Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland calls it, for some more school supplies and some groceries so my dear sweet young men wouldn't starve next week. I kept on hearing kids say my name. I love that. I feel so loved. I also ran into my sweet friend, Kim~you can find her blog over on the right side of What I Love To Read...her's is called Twice Blessed. Love me some Kim, Weston and Gracie. It was a fun trip.

It's been a great Saturday. I tried to sleep late, but couldn't for a couple reasons. For one thing, I am now used to waking up at 5:30 or 6:00. And B, Drew just had to come wake me up by standing over me. I swear, one of these days, he's going to do that, and I am going to knock him into the next room. Not on purpose, of course, but hello. I HATE waking up with a kid staring over me. Ugh. For whatever crazy reason {that seemed to make sense at the time}, I told him to crawl into bed with us. Duh. This would be Drew, the cuddler. Not a good idea.

I had a long time by myself this morning so I spent it wisely and stalked people on facebook. :) Come on, you know that's all it is~a window into your friends' lives. Todd went and bought us donuts, yum!!!!!! Then he cut the grass {front yard} again and I went shopping. For clothes. Which you know I hate, but was forced to do because you know. I work. And I can't very well wear the same things over and over every day. Actually, the only reason I went was because I ripped my favorite pants. :( I had to replace them, but then they were having this sale, and before I knew, I'd been sucked in by all things cute and blingy. I know. Big shocker if ya know me at all. I woulda made Debi proud.

So now I'm listening to SpongeBob. Have I ever told you how much I despise SpongeBob SquarePants? I do. Detest, abhor, cannot stand, plain 'ol HATE him. It is the most annoying show I've ever seen. In my entire 32 years. Seriously. Ok, well, I'm going to run. Love to all and hope your weekend is blessed!!! I am ready to get my praise on in the mornin'!!! Are YOU??


Kim said...

Love ya too girl!!
Hale (my hubby) tells me I am sooooo mean in the morning! Why am I mean? Because I wake up to Gracie standing by my bed saying nothing...just standing there. And yes, she is ready to get up for the day when the sun rises! I am NOT a morning person. I like to wake up on my own!! Lord help me, I LOVE my kids, but don't mess with my sleep!

Debi said...

Mandisa was at my church this morning. Of course, I wasn't even present due to my vertigo! It made me sick. My kids kept saying, Daddy call Mama and let her listen. Imagine!! I am proud of your for going shopping. You HAVE to put up a shirt that you bought that was blingy. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT...UNTIL I SEE IT! Do it!

Nicole is going to Jonas Brothers on Tuesday Night..I will definitely post a picture of the DIVA"S...her and her BFF Paige in their outfits going to the concert. No HUmmer Limo this time...we are in a recession!Somebody get OBAMA on the phone! I love saying that!

You didn't post a picture of the boys on the first day on school. You slacker! Lisa is coming to keep my kids while Mike and I got on all expense paid cruz in October. Yay!

susana said...

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