Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Real Quick...

since I have to leave in five or eight minutes. I'm helping out in kindergarten this morning, directing kids where to sit in Mrs. Ledbetter's class and where to put their stuff. And help kick parents out. Ha. Not really on that last part. Well, kinda.

I was sucked into the Twilight books this weekend. And I do mean "sucked into", because from the first chapter, I could not put it down. I started it around 8 or 9 Saturday night, and as of yesterday afternoon, I was halfway through the 500 pages. Yikes. It's that good, people.

What is even better than this, though, were our church services yesterday. I have not been in church in like 2 weeks because of vacation, so it was so awesome to be back. And choir has not been in session since the first week of July. And we're back. It was amazing. I love me some singing, folks. My favorite thing to do is help lead worship. I had the privilege of doing so yesterday.

How was YOUR weekend? I heard a funny story on the KLove morning show with Lisa and Scott, about how we always start Monday conversations with that question. Ours was blessed. Friday night we spent home, but Saturday night we went to Nana's and Big Daddy's. And had a great time. We stayed extra late, it seemed like, because we were having too good a time to go.

Well, I have to run. Literally. Hmmm, I should do that for some exercise. Or NOT. I have six kids to get into my car and safely into the school building this morning. The couple extras are some friends of our family~their dad was called into work early all week this week, and their mom teaches high school. So. Love to all. Happy Monday!!!

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susana said...

Hay that's a great job helping out in kindergarten hope u are having a good time playing with kids...

Happy hours.

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