Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is There A Full Moon Tonight?

It's been a weird day. Not absolutely wonderful, although on my end, I can't complain. But it hasn't been bad either. Well, for me. Or my kids. I just felt sort of "out of it" all day. I really can't talk here. I'm just feeling the urge to write. I can't really say anything at all. Just because I don't know who reads this.

Weird. Anyway. I saw the cutest little boy EVER on the face of this earth today and no~GASP~it was not one of mine! There's this teacher~you can find her blog on the side of mine, it's called Tater Tales~whose cute little boy goes to our preschool. I could just suck on his little cheeks. He's so precious. He made me happy just by looking at him today. Which I needed to smile at that point just because.

I have been running ever since the second I woke up this morning. I had to go to the choirpractor {YUP}, then to the grocery store, then I RACED home to put them all up before jetting off to work. I bought chips and white bread. Lots of other stuff too, but my hubby was complaining {oh YES he was} about not having any "real" chips {not baked, he means} in the house and the wheat bread I'm trying to get us used to. The boys don't complain about the wheat bread, but he does. Humph. Oh YES I did, honey. Can you hear that little gravelly thing I do when I say that??? It was there.

Anyway. I'm home now. My beautiful, talented, loves to laugh friend, Christa is coming over tonight!! Todd the manly man is working for the sheriff's dept. tonight, and I decided it would be nice for some girl time. :) That makes me so happy. We're having grilled chicken ceasar salad, and bread. Yum. The kiddos are having Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets~~which my hubby picked out and bought from Costco. He and Graham loved them~they had samples of them last Saturday. It's gonna be fun. I might also have bought a huge bag of peanut m&m's and some cheese dip and salsa. :) I'm going to HIDE it from the kids. Or not. I haven't decided. I lurve pancho's cheese dip, people. I am that crazy about it.

Well. I gotta run. Again. For the last time today. I am picking up my gorgeous young men and coming home to get all comfy and cozy. I just might pull out the 'ole Tyler Perry, too. Hallelurrrrrjah!!!! Love to all.

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Kim said...

LOVE me some Panchos!! I seriously could eat the entire container in one sitting!!!

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