Saturday, August 8, 2009

HoMe SwEeT hOmE

I have never in my entire life been so glad to see our home. The boys were all excited to be here, too. We had the most amazing trip, but man is it good to be home!!!

We squeezed so much into one week. It was incredible. I feel like we've been gone for two weeks instead of just eight days. Amazing. I'll give you a rundown so you can see for yourself.

We left home on Friday July 31st and arrived in Tampa Saturday at 5:30 pm. Yes, we stopped halfway, in Dothan, AL. Sunday we spent all day at Anna Maria Island. This was one of my favorite things we did. Although I don't like to get in the ocean, I love to look at it and listen to it! Monday we spent 12 hours~~~12 HOURS~~~at Disney's Magic Kingdom. My feet have never been so happy to be propped up, as they were that night! Tuesday, Debi and I went to get pedicures and bummed around Valrico. She took me to her favorite bead shop and introduced me to her friends there. We jammed to Selah the whole way. And Rascal Flatts. Fun times, people, fun times. I love me some Debi. Wednesday we left Debi's and went to my brother Paul's house in Orlando. We left Debi home in bed, I might add. I hated it. I cried most of the way to Orlando, I hated it so bad. She was really sick with a sinus infection and migraine. Once we were at Paul's, we went to a wildlife conservation area near his house and just hung out the rest of the day. Thursday we woke up and went to Hollywood Studios. We liked it even better than the Magic Kingdom. We loved that it was smaller and less crowded, and we loved all the shows. Jonah's favorite was Indiana Jones, the rest of ours was an awesome show called Lights, Motor, Action! See my facebook pics if you're my friend. We spent all day there~YES I SAID ALL DAY, AS IN 12 HOURS AGAIN~and something hideous happened to my legs. Down by my ankles, this horrible rash thing popped up. It's either {because YES it is still there but a little better} severe heat rash or possibly sun poisoning. Hmmm. Either way, it sucks. Looks awful, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. At first it itched and burned. Now it's just there. Anyway, that is the extent of our week away from home. We spent all yesterday and today traveling. Today we stopped at University of Alabama~ROLL TIDE~which was Todd's favorite part of the whole trip, I might add. We had a great time. The boys spent the rest of their money on Bama souvenirs. We drove straight to Mom's and Bill's and they fed us a delicious home cooked meal. And now we are happy to be back in our own home!!

We are staying home tomorrow, even though it's Sunday. GASP. I hate to miss church again, but we have to go buy school supplies and groceries. I have a small mountain of laundry and our bags and stuff has to be unpacked before Monday. Because THEN it is back to reality. :( I am so sad. But I am so happy that my boys will start school with some great stories of our incredible our summer was. It was perfect in every way. Love to all.


Debi said...

Jen I am so glad you are better. I got sick from my gave me vertigo so I have to get a new one. I am so glad you all made it home safe. I know you will be happy to get everything washed and put away. We ejoyed you all guys so much!
hugs, Dembra

all4boys said...

Glad you're on the you know how bad I hated leaving you Wednesday? I cried the whole way to Orlando. :( And Lil Bon made it worse. She would NOT say goodbye. My heart literally broke into pieces. Todd had to stop to get me some napkins, I was crying so hard.

We had so much fun, thanks again for having us. I love me some you and can't wait to see you again. Love you bunches and bunches!!!

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