Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heaven On Earth

Is this beautiful or what? I thought
this is a good visual of what Heaven
must look like. Right? Only better.
This, my friends, is Anna Maria Island, in all its glory. Mmmmmm. The boys had an amazing time today at the beach. However, after about 2 hours, Noah looked at me while he was sitting in the sand beside me and said, "Mom, can we go home? There's nothing to do here anymore." ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

So. We came to Debi's and they swam. And ate. And ate and ate and ate. Then swam some more, then bathed, then passed out.

I love this one of them all holding
hands. Cousins!

Well, I must go. We have a big day tomorrow. I know you all miss me, right? Just thought I'd check in and say that we're havin' a blast. Love to all. Goodnight!!

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