Friday, July 17, 2009

UpDaTe On My BaCk

For anyone who is interested...and in case you need something to pray for...I got the results back from the chiro {choirpractor, as Drew says} this morning. In my lower back, in between the discs in my spine, all the gel~like stuff is gone. That stuff {for lack of a better word} is the cushion that your spine needs. Because mine is gone, it's basically bone rubbing against bone. My hip is significantly lower on one one side {which is why one of my legs is 2 inches shorter than the other one}, and it's all twisted around. I'm walking around twisted. I knew I was messed up. I also have an issue in my neck {which I have NO pain whatsoever there, thank You, Jesus}. I am almost at phase 2 of arthritis in my neck.

The good news? All of this can be corrected by the incredible choirpractor {I misspelled it on purpose you proof reading people, PHYLLIS} Jason Coleman. No he is not paying me to plug him here. Hmmm. Maybe he should. It will take lots of time, so I will be getting to know him 3 times a week indefinitely. Once the pain subsides, and he said it would go away quickly, he will start me on physical therapy to strengthen my abdominal muscles. They've grown weak b/c of the hip thing~when I use them too much it is painful, so I don't use them. Yikes. Can we say weight gain??? Anyway. After some time, he will also start me on massage therapy. Oh shoot. The things I must endure. BRING IT ON. Love me some message therapy.

I must follow doctor's orders. :) Seriously, though, God is good. I was scared that he was going to say the s------ word. Surgery. Praise God, Jason can do all this himself. For anyone that is not convinced that choirpractors are a good thing~trust me. They are. I say that anytime someone can treat your symptoms and fix the problem without medication...that is DEFINITELY fantastic. I will not be on any medication. Except for the 1000 mg of ibuprofen that I'm taking until the pain goes away. Because if I don't take that much...I can't take a good breath. And yes, that is perfectly alright, I have checked.

So. That's all. I'm ready for lunch now. I'm starving!!! Hongry, as my beautiful friend, Christa, says. Speaking of her....we went and blessed the church staff with our presence. I AM KIDDING, I PROMISE...the boys LOVE going there and getting candy from anyone who gives it away. Pastor Lindberg, Fred, Dianne...and they got cherry cola, too. Well, I gotta run....Dad's here!!!


Debi said...

Does this mean you and I are getting out of going to Disney world? Just teasin! You willl definitely need to wear some really good shoes.

I hope you feel better soon!


all4boys said...

No, we are NOT getting out of Disney. Good try though. Thx. I'll be bringing my tennies.

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