Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To My Gorgeous, Fabulous Sista Debi

Okay. I seriously had to do another post, because Debi was the only one who responded to my earlier post. She is crazy. CrAzY. I tell you no lies, peeps, if you want to check out her crazy Madea~quotin' self, go on over to her blog, GirlzAsoulSista. Click on the title of her blog to read about her. Put the SHUT to the UP, as she says, and just go.

Okay, since she wins the prize {which is our presence in her house for 3 fun filled nights, starting NEXT Saturday!}, here we go. These are her questions, my answers. Happy Reading.

1~Do you want more kids and when? H to the N. She'll get that. I am done. Finis. No MoRe. Seriously, I've always said that if money were NOT an issue, I probably would have had more. I do love the little things. I was created to be a mom.

2~How do I read when it's so loud in my house? Debi, you think my kids are loud??? I do read...not so much when the kids are around though. Unless it's a Karen Kingsbury that I can't put down. Or a Robin Jones Gunn. I love me some Christ~lovin' fiction. I read mainly at night. When Todd's watching something I don't like, in bed, in the's my escape from this crazy reality I call my life. You should try it. It's great.

3~What is my dream job? Being either in some kind of full time ministry, or writing. I love to write. Duh. Hence this blog which I have posted on THREE~COUNT THEM 1~2~3~TIMES TODAY. Is that a record? Do I get a prize? How about a pedi? Or a mani? Or a dye job to cover the ends of my hair that my friend thought I'd just had highlighted?? I could go for that.

4~Do I think I'm {Debi} crazy for going to law school at my age~~like how I left that off of here, Deb?? No!!!!! I soooooo do not think that is crazy! More power to you, girlfriend, if that is your dream, GO FOR IT!! You would make an amazing attorney!!! Is that a polite way of saying that you like to argue??? Hmmm...

5~Would you talk about me to the other sistas behind my back if I did? Okay, at this point, I have to stop for an admission here. I was taking a drink of coffee when I read that part, and I spewed it out my nose. SeRiOuSlY. Had to wipe off the desk. Luckily none landed on the computer in front of me. And no, Todd, I was not on the laptop. Debi, I do not talk about my sistas behind their back. Except maybe if her hair is bad and it needs a little fixin'. But that's okay. Kidding! I would encourage you to go...not discourage it!

6~Do you have any childhood memories with me? This part makes me sad. I don't have many. I do remember always wanting to be around you and Lisa. I have a vivid memory of spilling a very expensive bottle of makeup onto your dresser. Or maybe I just remember Mom telling me about it. I remember loving to hear you sing, and you being the life of the party. I remember you being in the Memphis State pageant, and getting beaten only by the girl, Kelly {WHAT WAS HER LAST NAME?????}, who went on to be Ms. Tennessee, then Ms. America. Yup, folks, you heard right, my sister is that gorgeous. I remember you winning the Ms. Congeniality award...and yes, people, my sister was also the ORIGINAL Ms. Congeniality. You'd'a made Sandra Bullock proud. I remember idolizing you~I wanted to be EXACTLY like you. I don't remember much quality time, though. I was either too young to remember, then you were away at college, then you moved to the Sunshine State. Like I said, that part makes me sad.

This post was fun...I hope you thought so too. I would LOVE to be whisked away!!! I would absolutely LURVE it!!! I cannot wait to come see you! We're all so excited...thanks for the invite! This is the perfect way for us to end our summer. Did I mention that we'll come back home on Friday {we'll arrive home on Friday b/c though we're leaving you on Wed. morning, we're going to spend Wed. day and night with Paul, then head home on Thursday}, the boys will be leaving on Saturday for an all day canoe trip to the Buffaloe River {yikes!}, church on Sunday~actually, that probably won't happen. We'll probably play hookie and invite ourselves to Travis and Katie's for one last swim and cook out party before school starts. Then school will start on Monday. Holy cow. I may need to pray and ask God to give me strength! I will need a vacay from the vacay! Love to you, Dembra. Muah.


Debi said...

OK what day does that give us to do your hair and our pedi?

Also, I want to take the boys and buy them their backpack and or lunch boxes. So have them be thinking about what they want?

Would they be interested going to a Rays game on Tuesday night. Flo- Rida will be throwing a concert after the game... so they can all go "low ...low....low" Get on youtube and hear the song. You won't know it because just won't.

I'm sorry you don't have many small memories of me. I don't remember even having any makeup until high school and I don't recollect that at all. I use to love to get you out of your bed and get you your passy. I remember your hair being like little wringlets! You were kinda of quite.

You were always jumping around laughing and singing on Friday nights....our Donny and Marie days. We use to sing on dance on the fireplace...that was our stage and a brush was our microphone.
I do remember that!

Love you too.... you have some boring friends! I can't even believe they didn't comment...those slackers! lol

all4boys said...

I was kidding about my hair...I don't color it {EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO!!} b/c I don't want to keep up the maintenance. I could go for the pedi though. :)

The boys {Todd asked, "JUST the boys?" He wants to go...maybe him and Mike? I'll send him with my camera!} would LOVE to go!!!

I do remember the whole microphone/brush, fireplace/stage thing. That was my stage for many many years.

I know. I'm disappointed.

Jean Stockdale said...

I saw your comment on your blog on fb this morning. I too am an addicted blogger. I love to write and on the blog I can write and not care on bit in this world about punctuation or grammar. Seriously. That is fun to me.

Visit my blog when you have time. If you really enjoy blogging you might want to think about joining in on some Memes or carnivals. There is a big one on Tuesdays called Blog Hop and about a million other ones. I am just starting to host one on Fridays called 5 Things Friday. Check it out and play along. They are fun and a great way to "meet" bloggy friends.

I love the design of your blog. It has alot of eye appeal. Blessings as you share your thoughts on familly and faith.

Jean Stockdale

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