Thursday, July 16, 2009


I think at one time in my life, I considered thunderstorms to be relaxing. Especially in the middle of the night. They just seemed to make me fall into a deeper sleep. And the daytime kind~those were great too, because I need an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day every once in a while. I used to do that all the time, especially when Jonah and Noah were not in school, but now...well, I just think it's lazy, and laziness is like idleness, and I don't like that either.

So back to the thunderstorms. I used to think that. But then I had Graham. He has NEVER enjoyed thunderstorms, and since he was born, they would wake him up. Add to that mixture Drew when he came along, who needs to know exactly how long the storm is going to last, and which way it's moving, and is it going to produce a tornado? Jonah and Noah will not be brought into this equation~they have slept right through storms their entire lives, God love their little hearts. And speaking of God~He knew that by the time they were born~I could NOT fit one more child into my bed.

Anyway. I keep getting side tracked. You're about to see why. The storm started in the wee hours of this morning, and into my room marched Graham. He scares the daylights out of me~he'll just stand beside my bed and stare at me. That totally creeps me out. I woke up, because I could just feel that penetrating stare, and he asked if he could lay on my floor beside Andy the WonderDog. To which I said, of course. Why did he even wake me up for that??

Just when I was starting to doze back off, Drew walked in. And he lays practically on top of poor Andy. Then he realized he didn't have enough room, so he crawled into bed with me and Todd. Todd just loves when they do this, by the way. Well, my night {oh, wait, it's morning isn't it?} of sleep was officially over at that point. Because Drew likes to snuggle.

I should have just gotten up at 5 am when all this occurred. I probably could have gotten more rest on the couch in the living room. But I didn't. Instead, I chose to sleep on the remaining 4 inches of space I had in my own bed, twisted at an odd angle, which made my already sore back even more sore. It's gonna be a fun day.

Actually, it is, if I can stay awake through it. I am celebrating one of my best friends' birthday with her and a group of other girls tonight!!! Dinner and a movie are great, but add to that friends, and well, it's even better! I hope you all have a fantabulous day~and may God grant you the peace to stay in your jammies all day. Love to all!


Kim said...

That is sooo funny! Weston gets in our bed in the middle of the night- every night, since he was like 2, never wakes up during a storm, but gives my husband like NO room, and he is not a small man! Gracie wakes up crying everytime it thunders and she is truly scared! I could sleep my life away when it is raining! Love it!! Have a great day!

Todd said...

Ok can I just tell you when Drew gets in bed with us and Jen only has 4 inches as she put it, then she gets to experience every night for me(thats all she allows me). Also can I tell you that I would prefer Drew anytime over Graham. Graham puts knees and elbows in my back.

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