Sunday, July 12, 2009


We had the best weekend. EVER. Really. My family was home, and we spent the entire weekend hanging out with the awesome friends God has so blessed us with. I could not ask for anything more.

Tonight at church, during our family communion and prayer time, I was so completely overwhelmed with so many things, one of which is God's faithfulness. This morning in Sunday school, I heard a comment that I really like. It was basically that if you live your life in a way that pleases our Lord and Savior, you live under the umbrella of His blessings. Take from that what you want...I'm taking that to mean what I think it says.

Todd and I have waited our whole married life to have a group of good, solid friends. We have found them. Perhaps they've always been there, it's just been us who hasn't been available. I know that things get in the way of church~life, sickness, stress, busyness, but I want to encourage each one of you with this; if you find a local, Bible~believing church and faithfully attend and GET INVOLVED, you will be so blessed.

I'm not saying that you're going to Hell for not going to church...not at all. Church just helps us along the path to Heaven. Friends who are upright and steady, and encouragement and prayer for the taking are just 2 very small examples of what you can gain from going.

Not only church~consider Sunday night church. It is so different from Sunday morning church. I always {somewhat} joke around and say that Sunday nights are when the faithfuls show up. I don't mean to step on toes, here. It's just that if you could have been in attendance during tonight's would understand. The praise and worship is different, the prayer is better...we always go up front to pray...the preaching style is different, and lately, communion has been offered during the night service. I love it, too, because Pastor makes it family communion.

Aren't those words just beautiful? I think so. Tonight was amazing. There is something so intimate about singing, praising next to all your closest friends. And Sunday nights are the perfect time to hang out after church~we have a group of friends that we go out with some Sunday nights for our Sunday Taco Nights at the local Taco Bell.

My best friends are the ones that I attend church with. If this post only gives you one thing tonight~let it be the consideration of attending church faithfully. And by faithfully, I mean Sunday morning. Sunday night. Wednesday night. Don't just go, friends. Go, and get involved. If I say one thing without fail, it is that~find "your" area in your church, and serve with your whole heart. Don't just go and get, get, get. Sometimes it is good to be the giver.

Please think about it this week. And if you are reading this, and don't have a church that you attend {and if you're local to me}, consider "trying out" our church. It may not be for you. But it just may. Come, and see if you can be blessed. If this is you~please contact me either on here, on facebook, email, or by phone, and let me know if you want to come to my church. Just try it. You just might be blessed, I promise.

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