Sunday, July 5, 2009


I keep on thinking of the verse Isaiah 58:10 about "spending yourself" that I posted a couple weeks ago. I love that one verse so much~the actual words are, "and if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry, and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday." {NIV translation.}

This month, Music Man gave us off the whole month of July. We are officially out for summer until August 12th, to be exact. I am jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy some things within our church that I normally wouldn't get to because of my commitment to choir. I plan on attending our Wednesday night women's group meetings, starting a new Bible study with them {that I am SO excited about, titled, "The New Eve"!}, and today I started by working in our kids' department. I am one that fully believes wherever your kids are, there you should be.

I asked if they needed help, which they did because the pastor and his wife were out of town, and ended up being blessed in return. I was able to stand behind all the kids~aged 6 to 12~and listen to and watch them worship. I was blessed beyond words. Ashley {the wonderful, amazing, superwoman Ashley who can sing and preach like there is NO tomorrow} is great with these kids. She chose kids to help "lead" in worship, then just opened up her heart to the Lord and sang to Him, leading these kids by example. She encouraged them to close their eyes and get one on one before God. And they did. I was crying by the time we'd sang the last song.

I thought the tears were dried until this precious little blind girl named Kerri stepped up and starting singing, "Who Am I", by Casting Crowns. She has the most beautiful, clear voice you have ever heard in a child that young. And she doesn't just sing, she worships Jesus in her own special way.

I was so thankful to have been able to be up there with these kids today. I was truly blessed, and my night became like my noonday. I loved witnessing my own boys up there in their own element. Graham was in charge of all things techno {computer monitors with verses of the day, lights, special effects} and Drew was in charge of sound. I love how they have seen their dad giving back~spending of himself~and how they are doing the exact same thing.

I encourage each of you to find a spot to minister in at your church. It is so much better to give than to receive, folks. There is always room for volunteers, whether it's greeting, being in choir, helping in the nursery, or in the sound/video booth, there is ALWAYS room for one more. And if you don't belong to a church, find another an elderly person to their car with groceries, or if someone in the line at the grocery in front of you is short on money, give them the difference. God truly does bless those who bless others. Love to all of you today. In the sweet name of Jesus.

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