Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HaPpY tUeSdAy

Praise God, for the first time in six days, I am almost pain free in my back. For someone who has a high pain tolerance {hello, pregnancy of twins and c~section}, my back hurt so bad. I know I've had lots of people praying for me, and thanks to that {and Jason Coleman}, I am almost pain free.

Debi, like I said, we are NOT getting out of Disney. Especially now. Speaking of that, the boys are getting more excited. Now that the date is drawing near. They were excited before, but now they're counting down. Fun times ahead!!

We're not doing much of anything today. It is only supposed to get up to 80 degrees today {hallelujah!}, and we found out yesterday that Travis and Katie's pool is waaaaaaay too cold. It was 79 degrees in the water. And only 81 {or close to that} outside. Seriously. I'll be spending my day with Mr. Maytag.

The boys all have friends coming over today~DC and his little sister, Hannah. They're spending tonight with us. I am going to Mom's Night Out with the moms in my church, and am sharing tonight. Sharing what? Hmmmm, come and find out.

I have a favor to ask of all of you who are reading this...what do you think of my new background? Can you see all of it ok? Or do you not see enough polka dots? Let me know what you think...I may be changing it again. It's ok on my computer, but this is a wide screen laptop and it may look a lot different on yours. Thanks! Love to all!!


Phyllis said...

The new background is cute. Of course I have a wide screen too but I see lots of polka dots. We prayed for your back this morning and was so glad to hear you are a lot better. You will have to let me know what you talk about because I am too old to go to Moms night out! Maybe someone could record it. :-) Have fun today!!!
Bunches of love.

all4boys said...

Thanks and thanks! It's LOTS better...my back, I mean. Praise God!!!

Phyllis, it will NOT be recorded. I am sticking my tongue out at you. I'll let ya know. Just pray.

Love you!

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