Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funny Saying

We were driving down Appling Road in Cordova, and Drew was checking out the scenery going by. We got to Bellevue Baptist Church {which is, in fact, a mega church} with the 3 white crosses in front and Drew asked, "Mom, is that cross in the middle the one that Jesus was nailed to?" In all sincerity, with a straight face. I told him that, no, it was not. That cross was no longer there, and it was at a place near Jerusalem called Galgotha. THEN HE ASKED, "Did Pappaw and Grandma Sandy get to see it?" I laughed, because at first I thought he meant that because of their age. But then I realized he meant it because they went to Jerusalem last March. Funny. Kids and all that.

And no, I still haven't packed. Apparently, I work better under the last minute kind of pressure. I also do NOT procrastinate.

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