Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enjoying It While It Lasts

There is something so blissful about the kiddos sleeping in late. One day this week, Graham slept in until 12:30. I think it was Monday. We'd had a busy weekend, and they'd been up really late every night. This is one of the best things about summer to me. I have no schedule, no time limits, nothing. So if they want to sleep late, so be it. It's nice to have peace and quiet in the early morning hours.

I wish I was better about how I spend that time. Sometimes I am really disciplined, and don't do anything until I have my devotion, prayer, and Bible reading time with the Lord. Some mornings, like this one, I get on the computer the minute I wake up. :( I know that I am not supposed to do that...and no one tells me I can't, I just make these "deals" with myself. And my number one "deal" is that before I do anything, I spend quiet time before the Lord.

I somehow got sidetracked~imagine that. That's getting easier and easier for me nowadays. Anyway, I was saying that I love this feeling of relaxation that summer brings. All too soon {only 2 more weeks left of summer vacay}, this will be a fond memory. And the monotony will start again. Well, not really, because there is NEVER monotony working in an elementary school. I definitely learned that over the course of the last year. I have to be ready to "go go go" the second I get there, I need to be 100% willing to fill in wherever I am needed {because my job is NEVER the only job I have~I have to do lots of other jobs, too!}, and I have to put on my happy face for the almost 900 students who see me that day. It's not always easy~hellurrrr, remember last year???~but I do love it. I am also VERY excited to be going back this year.

So you can see why I love the laziness of summer. It's bliss. I am someone who is VERY structured and VERY organized. Except during the months of June and July. Then I get to be the fun mom who lets everything go. My kids probably like me a lot more in these 2 months, come to think of it. I am so obsessed about time, and how we spend all the time we have~which is not much during the school year months. I need to work on obsession with time. I definitely need to learn to let some of that go, and just enjoy the time that God has given us! I think that will be what I work toward this year.

This summer has taught me a lot. Things like I don't have to have a perfect house, or gourmet meals for my family every day~because they love the simple things~, I don't have to be supermom...I can let go of all that and just have fun. I don't do it nearly as often as I should.

So, maybe, come to think of it, I am not dreading the beginning of the school year so bad now. It sounds like I will be busy remembering my new goal, and enjoying the satisfaction it will give me when I achieve it.

Is there anything you want to challenge yourself with as we start this school year? I love new beginnings, and this is what the new school year represents to me. I encourage you each to find something to work toward this year.

I hope you all have an amazing day! Love to all!


Jean Stockdale said...

I responded to your fb but thought I would add a note here too. Personally I love to get a comment on my blog and I thought you might like to as well.

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At any rate, until you little boys are old enough to, let me RISE UP AND CALLED YOU BLESSED as you train up your boys in the way they should go. Blessings.

all4boys said...

Thank you so much, Jean!!!

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