Friday, July 24, 2009

Calm Before The Storm?

I'm enjoying these last few days of not doing much. Next week, that is all going to be changing. Our church's vacation Bible school is Sunday night through Wednesday night of this next week. I agreed to head up registration this year since my friend who did it last year will be out of town. I'm not really sure why I agreed to this...I could be getting things ready for us to leave for vacation on Friday.

Speaking of that...I am so excited! We got our reservations made last night for the stop on the way to Tampa, and all day yesterday I studied maps of Disney World. I found all the cheapest {NOT CHEAP, BUT THE cheapEST} places to eat and I made a list of where the restaurants are located {like in Tomorrow Land or Adventure Land}. I did the same thing with rides. Because we have one day, we will not be able to hit everything, but I'm confident that we will get to do a lot and still have a blast. We'll at least TRY to hit the highlights of the park.

I'm grateful that Debi invited us to stay with her...her persistence is what pushed us to go. So thanks, Deb. This is the perfect ending to our amazing summer.

Speaking of summer, who in the world would believe that it's been like fall here all week? I don't want to seem like I'm complaining, but it's kind of been a bummer. Travis and Katie's pool has been almost to the freezing point {not really, but at 79 degrees, it sure did feel like it!}, and the kids have not been able to swim. It had just gotten to the point of feeling really good, too. Oh well, at least starting today it's warming back up. Hopefully we can spend some time having fun in the sun next week. When I'm not frantically getting things ready for our trip, that is.

We will be lost today without my dad being here. All of you {most of you} know that he spends every Friday with us. Not today, though. We're going over to his house tonight for a picnic outside, and so the kiddos can run around and play. He has to do yard work today to get ready for that tonight. Even the boys are bummed. So we don't have a lot to do today. We're going to my chiropractor this morning...because my back is KILLING ME again, and well, it's the 3rd time this week...we're going to buy a birthday card for Sandy and Grandma Rena, and we may go eat somewhere. May. I'm not sure about that one yet. The boys could eat CiCi's pizza everyday of their lives, and I'm sure at some point, will beg me to take them there.

Well, I need to go get a second cup of coffee. My first cup is out. So. Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Friday!!! Love to all!


Momma Such said...

It has been like fall here as well, and while I love fall it's summer and I want summer weather!! I'm also a Momma to 4 boys blogging about our life! I'm following you from MBC. :)

Debi said...

I can't wait for you to come too! I am making my Costco run after a movie with the soulmate tomorrow nite. Movie and Costco huh!


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