Thursday, July 9, 2009


Seriously. How bored should I be with 2 kids still hanging around? Three at this exact moment? Because Andy the friend is here. Not to be confused with Andy the SuperDog. Or is it WonderDog? I forget. Right now, he's Andy the DepressedDog, because his master is not here.

I have been walking around in a funk all day. I am bored. CrAzilY bored. Bored out of my ever loving mind. Jonah and Noah have been playing with their buddy all day, and I have been just sitting here. Because even the laundry is done. And bored. I will be so glad when my other 3 boys will be home.

I know they have had an amazing time, though. Today was bake the cake day at camp, where they just pour all the cake ingredients over all 800+ campers. Fun stuff. Flour. Water. Chocolate. Eggs. Good times, people, good times. This is the favored activity at Camp Jack.

So, I've had lots of times to just think. About what we're going to do this weekend, about school starting back {blah}, about lots and lots of things. I am going to watch Friends tonight. Christa came over last night to hang out with me and the little guys, and she loaned me Season 10 of Friends. So. That's what I'll be doing when the kiddos go to bed. They're ready to go to bed now, but we have to wait until 9:19 so we can see the space station pass over Collierville. Because it will be doing just that in a little less than 30 minutes.

Well, lest I bore you anymore, I am getting off this thing.

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