Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm bummed. The rain is going to cancel our games. I'm almost positive. I was so looking forward to sitting with family and cheering {yelling?} the boys on. All 3 of them. Todd. Graham. Drew. Those ones.

Today is lazy. The rain is forcing the kiddos to stay inside. Jonah and Noah went to Jackson's house. Which, by the way, I think Jonah has his first girlfriend. Jackson has a little sister {well, slightly younger I should say. Jackson is 6, Jordyn is 5.} whom he loves. When they spent the night over there Friday night, Jackson's dad took them on a walk to a restaurant on the town square called The Silver Caboose. Jackson's grandmother owns the restaurant, so Shea took them there to get ice cream. Jonah and Jordyn {come ON, how cute is that???} held hands the whole way there. However, Noah and Jordyn held hands on the way back. So we may have some sibling rivalry over sweet little Jordyn. :)

Anyway. Graham's {and Drew's} friend Cameron is over here. They're upstairs playing hide and seek. I pray they don't seek into one of my many picture frames hanging on the wall. The last time they played this inside, a couple of frames were broken. :(

They won't. They're good boys. A little girl crazy {ok, a LOT girl crazy}, but still good. I love listening to them talk.

It's a shame about baseball tonight. I think Todd may be more disappointed than Graham and Drew. He was really excited about the possibility of pitching the whole game again. Poor baby.

Well, since they're so occupied, I think I may rest my eyes for a bit. Because, I mean, it is summer. Right?

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