Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Fun & Fabulous Friday Night

Okay, so before I begin this post, let me just warn you that you are about to go where no blog post has gone before. I am warning you. This is me getting pretty comfortable with YOU and literally opening some very private doors of my home. In my house, if a door is shut, it needs to stay that way because of what could potentially be behind it. So. That said, I'll begin.

I had to clean out our "tornado closet" tonight. Because of the, um, possibly coming tornado. Hence the closet. I refuse to show you a picture of what all I had to pull OUT in order for THEM to get in there. And yes. That very large black object you see would be Andy the Wonderdog laying across my children. All 130 lbs of him. Big bad baby. He was seriously terrified. I have never seen him act like that before. So this was before the tears started.

And this very large, blurry object would be Andy the Wonderdog's partner in crime {or partner in being the most scared animal on the block}, Sambo the FatCat. Hiding. Because of the thunder. What is it with us and our animals? Can we have absolutely no sense of normalcy in our home??? Sambo should be also be known as the disappearing cat, because he can flatten his fat little body and slither up under our entertainment center. Tonight he opted to hide where the boys were. You know. In case he missed out on any fun.

This was where Andy was forced to go because of the flash that kept going off on my camera. Because he was scared of it. And I kept snapping away. Because I think in terms of this here post. Aren't you thrilled?? And this small pile next to Andy was a very minute portion of what had to come out of the tornado closet. The rest was behind me.

Hiding out, having fun. Noah, Jonah, Drew. Drew was scared. Poor thing. When the tornado sirens go off, he goes crazy. In a bad way.

Skippy, the somewhat normal cat. Checking to make sure she wasn't missing out on the fun.

Hanging out. In the hall. Still snapping pictures. Eating gummy worms. Entertaining the kiddos because at this point, they were becoming restless.

Like Mom, like son.

Now our third cat, Twinkles, is in there with the boys. Because they had her blanket. And where the blanket is, there Twinkle Toes is.

Graham. With Twinkles. About to fall asleep. Because he was too comfy. With the pillow and the blanket, who wouldn't be?

We ended our fun and fabulous night with a spontaneous trip to Dairy Queen. Because a very bad commercial came on that advertised the Brownie Batter Blizzard. And I suggested that we all take a drive and go get one to try it out. Todd, Graham and I all give it a thumbs up, by the way. Drew had a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard, and Jonah and Noah had grape arctics. Slushies, basically. All of it was yummy.

When we pulled up, we ran into the boys baseball coach, Ric. They were out there {the DQ is in Cordova, and we're in Collierville} because their power went out earlier, and they were bored, so they were going to his in~laws house. We didn't lose our power, thank the Lord. A good portion of Collierville is still without power. We drove around and saw all the storm damage. Lots of trees down, lots of limbs and debris, but we were okay.

Well, I will end this excitement. I don't think I can handle any more for the night. Todd's falling asleep to wrestling, so I'm gonna wake him up and get caught up on my show!!! The Bachelorette, in case you're curious. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend~take joy in the little moments. Be blessed.

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Todd said...

It was not wrestling it was the Ultimate Fighter.

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