Monday, June 15, 2009


Today has been very uneventful. We slept late. The kiddos had leftover pancakes for breakfast. Prepared them themselves, the cool little guys. Yup they did. Check my facebook status. It says just as much. We hung around, watched a show {or four}, Graham and Drew rearranged their room {again~thanks to the bottom bunk bed on wheels}, they played fort, cars, and just plain old had fun.

We roused ourselves up from our lazy state and got dressed to go to Costco. My most favorite~ist place eVeR. Seriously, I love me some Costco. The organization, the nice displays, the free samples of food {today it was SPAM~YuCk!}, I love it all. Today's list was SlimFast, fruit rollups and Healthy Choice fudgecicles. Notice a them there? Well, not the fruit rollups. Those are for the kids. When I told Noah we were going to Costco, he said, "Mom the last time we went, you said we'd get fruit rollups the next time we went. It's the next time." How could I refuse? Todd and I are going to start making a life change tomorrow. I refuse to say the D___ word. Because it's simply NOT in my vocabulary.

Forty is approaching {in 8 years, well 71/2} and I don't want to be 40 and unable to get rid of extra pounds. The older you get, the harder it gets. So. We're starting now. Well. Tomorrow. Wish us luck~and STRENGTH! I'll be good, but I don't know about that hubby of mine...haha, only kidding, honey! Thanks for doing it with me!

So now we've had dinner, and I was going to take the boys {plus 1 extra, their friend Matt is spending the night} to the sprinkler park, but it's pouring. Todd's game has been cancelled. :( The Bachelorette comes on in 20 minutes,so the satellite better get ahold of itself. I'm gonna be ticked if I miss a second. Obsessed? What's that?

Well, now I'm officially out of things to say. I thought I'd post and kill some time. Time for what? Um, I don't know. I'm just bored. The kids are upstairs playing, Todd's on the computer, so I thought I might as well do something too. But now I'm done. Au revoir.

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