Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lazy Days

I am uninspired to write, but I thought I'd list some things I love the most about the lazy days of Summer! Enjoy!

Staying up late to watch movies with my hubby
Sleeping late
Quiet time in the morning when all the kids are still sleeping
Letting the kids stay up extra late
Having NO schedule whatsoever
Buying the groceries to fill up my growing young men {because it's a feeding frenzy every 2 hours}
Having cookouts with Travis and Katie
Spending time with my girlfriends {because I do this more in the summer}
Letting all the boys invite friends over {because my Daddy told me to NEVER tell them no to friends}
Spending every single Friday with my Dad
Sunday night church~because the praise and prayer on Sunday nights is 100 times better then
Spending time with our couple friends
Taking leisurely showers because it's a rarity in my house
The flowers on my back deck and front sidewalk
Baseball games {Redbirds and my boys' games}

What are some things YOU enjoy?

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