Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Know What You Did Last Night

We had the best Friday night ever. Seriously. Trav and Katie invited us to swim/cook out, so we jumped on the offer. We swam in the yummy warm water {yes, warm, it was up to 86 degrees}, and played around till Katie came home from the gym. We swam for a long time before Travis fired up the grill. He made the best hamburgers. Or maybe they were so delicious b/c we'd been swimming for so long. Either way~yum.

We ate and the boys {all 6 of them b/c Todd and Travis are boys, too} swam again. In the dark. And talked. And competed. And laughed. And threw the lightweights around in the air. Katie and I sat and talked and listened {sang} to the radio. Fun times, people. It was the most wonderful, relaxing Friday night ever. Thank you, Trav and Katie, for being the world's greatest friends/neighbors. We love you.

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