Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

We were invited to a wedding Saturday afternoon. The wedding was nice. But the reception was gorgeous. It was downtown at the Peabody. Ooh la la. The boys were in heaven, because they've never seen a hotel that big. Think of The Tipton on Suite Life of Zack & Cody. They were like, "Wow!", when they saw it. I think it's safe to say that they were highly impressed.

However, when we walked into the dining room and saw this table {and 40 others just like it} I knew we were in trouble. Because we have some little jokesters for kids. And I was worried about keeping them quiet and entertained. Because this was not at all the 'get up and run around to your little heart's content' kind of reception.

The first thing Drew saw was the butter carved into little ducks. To which he immediately said, "Mom! When your butter your roll, be sure to cut it's head off!" He said it with such glee that I will admit, it bothered me a little. Just because.

Of course he thought his napkin looked just like a miniature little chef's hat. Because who needs a napkin when you can look like a chef? I couldn't resist this picture. I had to snap it. Because, ya know, I think in terms of my blog. And I figured I might as well call this post The Drew Show. God love him. He does keep us laughing, that's for sure.

He was seeing if the phone worked and gasped when he heard a dial tone. Luckily he didn't prank call anyone. I don't even think he knows what that is yet. And Aunt Debi, please don't teach him.

Okay, this one's of Graham too. And the infamous DC. Or the 3 Musketeers. Whatever. It was DC'S uncle that got married, so they had fun hanging out.

This is precious Hannah, DC's little sister. She was the flower girl in the wedding. Noah is enamored by her. He kept saying how pretty she looked. And yes, all 4 of my boys are girl crazy.

View from the rooftop! Todd and I used to come here all the time, so it was cool showing it to the boys. They loved it. They saw the ducks, too, but I forgot to get pictures.

Noah and Drew sitting on the wall of the rooftop. I will admit, this made my stomach drop. I am scared to death of heights, so the second I was done, I made them both get down. I had visions of the rail giving way behind them. Yikes.

And this wrapped up our fun night out.

I will also add that this is like the 4th wedding we've been invited to in about 2 months, so the boys are very edumacated about how to act during weddings. When Graham found out that we were going to this wedding, he said, "Why do all these people keep getting married??" I jus smiled. They've been to so many that they actually look forward to them now. And they sort of think that the bride is a superstar. When we saw Carri {the bride from Saturday}, Drew goes, "Mom! Look! Is that the bride???" No, Drew, that's not the bride. It's just a woman walking through the hotel wearing a wedding dress. My son. Lord, help me. I think I'll end this post on that note.

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