Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday

Here we are just starting our 4th week of summer. But who's counting? We're having a good time, so far. Luckily, the boys are easy to please. If you give them water, they're happy. And we have lots and lots of water. That's what we're doing today, in fact. Swimming. And a little laundry to go with it. I probably should NOT be on the computer, I have so much laundry. It's shameful.

I hope we don't get bored this week. I've been trying to think of things to do, and I pretty much have our days planned out. Lots of swimming. We're going to the movies one day~this week at Summer Kids Fest {Tuesday and Wednesday}, they're showing Tales of Despereaux. Jonah says he's not going with us. He says he's going to work with Daddy that day. He hates movies. I hope Daddy is able to take him with him that day. Hint hint.

Tonight, Jonah and Noah are having friends spend the night. Because they have waited so patiently while Graham and Drew have had friends over. So it's their turn. I'm hoping that Graham and Drew will be invited to someone's house one day. We always seem to have the friends over here. Which is nice, but they like to go to other houses, too.

This weekend is our big Patriotic production at church, so I'll be up there a lot. Tomorrow night is our Bible study, and my sister Debi is coming home on Wednesday. Lots of fun things going on this week. And of course, my nephew Tyler is graduating Friday night. I just have to get us through the days, and we should be fine. Well, Drew is about to starve to death {not}, and my first load of laundry just finished. So. I'm off. Love to all.

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