Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I am blessed, in many ways, but today I am thankful for the men God has given me. The ones of the Dad variety. I have always told people that I was so "special", that I required 2 sets of parents. Special is a good word, don't ya think?

Anyway. I am thankful for all the "dads" I have. The one I am most thankful for is the one that I see every single day. Without fail. The one I fall asleep next to and wake up beside every single day. The one my kids love, admire and respect. The one who is the Coach of their teams, the Counselor at their camp, the rower of the canoe on the canoe trips they take, the Hero they look up to. The one who leads by example. The King of Fair. Because, after all, he is married to the QUEEN of fair.

I am thankful that he is a total "hands on" dad, the kind that is not afraid to get in and get his hands dirty. I love that he takes the time to sit and explain to them the rules of the games that he likes to watch on tv. I love that they get stars in their eyes when he takes the time to have a "guy talk" with them. Because it's never too early.

As his wife, I love that he is such an amazing provider. I love that he can fix anything~even if it means him tearing our dryer down to the bare walls and repairing what was wrong, instead of me getting the new front loader that I so wanted. I love that he can talk me to sleep like no other. I love that he is the total opposite of lazy. He NEVER takes time just for himself, yet he is constantly urging me to go and hang out with the girls.

I love that he is so caring with everyone he comes across~he is the one that makes sure that everyone is always okay. He is the one that always does for his parents and mine. In all of his spare time. These are all the things I love the most about him. The best thing is that he is training his sons to do the exact same thing~to work wholeheartedly, to love and respect me, and to be little gentlemen. I would not want his job, but he does it like no one else can. He is amazing. I love him more and more everyday that I'm with him.

Except for the times he aggravates me. Like smearing his cold hand all over my bare arm at lunch today. And maybe the way he scares the daylights out of me every once in a while. One thing is sure~things are NEVER boring with him around at our house. Todd. I love you. And I do love you all the time~even when you aggravate me. It just means you still have a crush on me.

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Phyllis said...

I thank God for giving my son such a beautiful wife who loves him soooo much! A mother prayers were answered!

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