Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Upcoming Memorial Day

I have just corresponded with the sweetest man ever through email. His name is "Poppa", and he's a friend of my father~in~love, Wiley. Wiley made such an impression on this man that he actually had Wiley's name tatooed on his arm! I guess it was a way to remember him. Anyway, it's people like this that make our country what it is today.

I know that we're all going through tough times, and things aren't all that great, but we still have our freedom. We still serve a God who reigns. And until the day He returns, this is where we will live, where we will make our homes. I'm going to share Poppa's email address with you, and if you have a spare moment, send him an email and thank him for serving our country. He fought in WW2, so he's an older gentleman, and this would probably make his day. I've shared this blog with him, and I hope he reads what I've written.

I am dedicating this post to him, and for all the other men and women {Daddy} who have fought for our country's freedom. And those who have lost their lives doing so. Stop and take a moment and thank them. It will bless them. Love and prayers to you today.



Phyllis said...

Jenn, that is so sweet of you. He is a wonderful man and I thank all of you who have served our country that read this.
Bunches of love.

all4boys said...

His real name is Pete, for those that are interested. :)

Hey, it takes 2 minutes to write an email. Why not??? Love you!

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