Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Typical Thursday

Ever since I was in junior high school, I have not liked Thursdays. It's just such a blah day. Not hump day anymore, not quite Friday, and it always seemed miserably long. This morning started off what I would like to call a typical Thursday.

Lest you think I am Supermom/woman, I assure you that I am not. I have told you that before through these words, but in case you didn't believe me, I will give you an account of what I look like on days when I am just NOT in a good mood. I am really opening myself up here, by the way. Going out of my comfort zone.

The day started wrong~I love to get up extra early so I can have some quiet time, but it just never works out that way. I did not want to get out of bed. Once I did, I showered quickly, then came downstairs to pack lunches. I then started thinking about tomorrow, and what I had to pack for the kids then. Tomorrow was supposed to be Field Day at school, and I was going to hang out with them and picnic with them after, but due to the Noah and the ark~like conditions we've had, they decided to postpone it. So that got me in a bad mood. Because MAN I was looking forward to not working tomorrow. Oh well, right?

So the kids wake up and start coming downstairs, and I start handing out plates with biscuits and orange juice. Two of the kids didn't want biscuits~Drew and Jonah. Drew opted for yogurt {nice and easy}, Jonah opted for grits {which requires ME preparing it}. I didn't say anything, I just made the blasted grits and handed it to Jonah. Which led me to the realization that we're out of ice. Are you kidding me?! I mean that's typical if you have a house full of people, but for just the 6 of us? Oh, wait. That IS a house full of people.

Jonah looked at me and said, "Mom, what I am going to do? They're too hot." I told him just to wait it out and blow on them, and eat them when they cooled off.

So then Drew and Graham start arguing. And keep on and keep on. Not really, but it just seemed like it. They were elbowing each other, and making rude comments about pausing the show they were watching, and it just got on my nerves. Then Drew starts to tell me this joke, and Graham says, "STOP! You're not telling it right!" Drew ignored him and just rolled right along. Then when he finished, Graham starts to tell me the joke and made another rude comment {which I've probably blocked}, and I actually said these words: "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE JOKE. All I care about is that you 2 need to stop arguing. If you are done with your breakfast, then go upstairs NOW."

So that scared the daylights out of all of them and they all headed upstairs. I walked in the kitchen to get a much needed refill on the java and to get the laundry out of the dryer to take upstairs to fold when my husband said this: "I don't get lunch anymore?" So I said, "Well, you would, but I thought we were out of lunch meat. But then I found this." And I pulled out the meat so he~I mean I~could make the sandwich. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID NEXT? "Well, I don't need it today." WHY DID HE SAY THAT, THEN? Todd, I love you. I'm just blogging here. I would have happily {ahem} made you a wonderful, nutritious lunch. Without being mad or complaining. And please leave all sarcastic comments to yourself.

So I go upstairs after that. And do you know what I heard???? Graham and Drew arguing AGAIN. I swear if I hear, "GRAHAM STOOOOOOOP" one more time, I'm gonna scream. Graham was aggravating Drew. AGAIN. I was about to lose my cool and make use of the sign above my bedroom door that says, "Beware of attack mother".

I also have to tell you why I was upset with Drew. I have to back up a bit to yesterday afternoon. His teacher comes up to me and says, "I need you to talk to Andrew. He's got the mindset that it's May and he's done with school. He is not completing his work." THE WORDS THAT CAUSE EVERY MOTHER TO CRINGE WITH EMBARASSMENT. So when I asked her what work she was talking about, she said it was homework. Well, I wouldn't go as far as she took it, but he has forgotten his folder and books like 3 times in about as many weeks. I call that Mayitis, but who am I?

I told her I would talk to him, and I did, and I threatened to ground him from his still shiny new electric scooter. So last night he has the nerve to ask me, "Mom, what did you do with my folder?" A.U.G.H. I told him it wasn't mine, I had done nothing with it. He forgot the blasted folder. AGAIN. Mrs. Plummer is SOOOOO going to be upset with him. So I had to make good on my threat, and for one day {more if him and Graham don't stop their fighting} he is not allowed to go near the scooter. Which I really feel is punishing me more than him because now I have to listen to him whine about the fact.

So, this morning all of this intensified my bad mood. Poor Jonah and Noah. They had to hear the lecture {just in case they were tempted to act out}, but were pretty much blameless. For the moment. So Jonah comes in my bathroom after I had gone off on his older brothers with this huge smile on his face. And says, "Mom, don't I look good today?" Those are the words that just make it all go away, ya know? Well, that and prayer. I realized at that point that I had not taken the time to pray yet. If you don't think prayer makes a difference, I am here to tell you that you are sadly mistaken. I surrendered all of my bad mood to God, and as I am sitting here writing this, I am laughing at my morning. Do you think God has a sense of humor? I sure hope so.

**Lord, thank You for Your grace. Thank You for taking my burdens away from me. Thank You for giving me the joy of my salvation. I love You, Lord.**

Psalm 68:19,20 "Praise the LORD, praise God our Savior! For each day he carries us in his arms. Our God is a God who saves!"

Proverbs 13:3 "Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything."


Wiley said...

I don't usually comment on blogs but I am on this one. You are still a good mom that loves her children you reach out to people and it is ok to have a bad morning. Remember your sons and husband still love you and most of all God loves you even more.

From a father-in-law who still thinks you should write a book!!!

all4boys said...

I love you, Wiley. Thank you. Muah.

Todd said...

OK I am going to take my defense on the lunch issue. I don't think it went down quite as bad as you made me sound. I was not rude about it i was just wondering if I had been bad or something and i wasn't allowed to eat this week...But with that said I LOVE YOU and still wonder how i got so blessed to have such a wonderful lady to be my wife. You do so much for me and the boys. Thank you!

all4boys said...

I never said you were rude about it! I just wondered why you asked since you didn't need it that day. You have one today, btw. Thank you~yesterday sucked. I love you!

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

Been there!

I've got three boys myself :)

Found your blog today via Love, Laughter and Lyrics!

Blessings to you,

all4boys said...

Hey Beth!! Thanks for reading~yeah I always say whether you have 2 or 20, it doesn't matter. It's going to be INSANE around your house!!! Welcome to my blog!!

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