Friday, May 8, 2009


I wish I could tell you all of the events that happened in my day today to make me post this blog. I'm sure on some piece of paper, however, that it says that I am not to mention anything pertaining to one of the students at the school where I work. I'm sure it's got my signature to back me up. So because of that, I will not tell you all the details.

I will tell you that my heart was so filled with the love and the grace of Jesus Christ, that I couldn't contain the tears that kept threatening to spill. At one point one of TA's asked if I had allergies because my eyes were so red. I told her maybe, just because I didn't feel like giving an explanation.

My day got progressively better. All the 4th grade teachers are probably mad at me, but still, my day got better.

To top all that off, my kids ROCKED the baseball field tonight. Jonah got about 6 outs, and Noah got about 3. They were amazing. Aunt Lisa was the lucky charm. Not Uncle Jim. And speaking of aunts and uncles, can I just say that I miss my sisters? I need some sister time. Ahem. Debi. Trish. Lisa. I could do some Madea, if y'all want to take me up on this. Hell~ur.

For anyone that prayed for me yesterday and today, thank you. God is good. ALL the time.

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