Friday, May 22, 2009

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Happy Friday!!!!!! I am so excited it's Friday. Because one, that means LONG WEEKEND! And two, only 2 more days after today. Insert happy yell here.

Tonight {if Todd is feeling up to it}, he is taking the older boys to the races at Memphis Motorsports Park. Notice the parentheses. He woke up with a low grade temperature. :( So, if you would like, please pray for him. The tickets were free {Thank you, Big Daddy!}, and I would hate for them to go to waste.

If they go, Jonah, Noah and myself are going to go hang out with Mimi. Because she, too, will be alone. Papa is going to go with Todd. We're going in comfy clothes, and gonna eat comfort food and maybe watch a movie. :) This makes my heart happy. Girls night!!! Well, plus the little guys. But they're excited too, because I told them we could play Sorry. I am SO not a game person. Especially if it's one like Sorry that's probably just going to make me mad. Oh well.

I was reading another blog this morning, and she had this whole long article about the benefits of organic foods. Which got me to thinking. Not that I'm going to become this great, healthy, naturalist {thanks for that word, Shea!} kind of woman, but I think I may start shopping at our local farmer's market. For 2 reasons. It'll be cheaper, and it is more healthy. And it's just fun. I used to want to be a farmer after Mom and I left there when I was younger. I could still do the farmer thing now, I think. If we were somewhere cool. Not in Hardemon country, Todd. Somewhere cooler. Like in the hills of North Carolina, for instance. Wishful thinking. I can just see myself stepping onto our huge front porch {because what is a farmhouse without the porch???} and ringing my cow bell calling, "DINNER!", and seeing my beautiful family come running from their hiding place among those hills. Sigh.

Back to the farmer's market thing...I think I am going to do this with the boys this summer. And this weekend is Fetching Frenzy, which is picking your own strawberries for $1.88 a pound. You can find out lots by going online and doing a little research. Strawberries are way expensive at the Kroger and the Walmart. More than a buck eighty~eight, I guarantee.

So. All these plans. We'll see which ones I actually do. It is supposed to rain for the next, I don't know, hundred and seventy~four days. Or something like that. So who knows if we'll go pick our own berries in all that rain. And who knows about our last tball game on Tuesday. I pray it doesn't get rained out.

Well, I have to run. I did find out that Todd does have strep, but he's still going tonight. He's getting a shot and some antibiotics, so he should be fine for tonight. The good news is he caught it fast, and that shot will kick in after 4 hours. It's a miracle. I've witnessed it myself. So. Fun times ahead. Love to all and if I don't hear from you, have a fanTABulous weekend!!!!!

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