Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Fun For The Day

A couple of really cute things happened today, and I thought I'd share.

This sweet little girl in Drew's class was getting ready to leave the lunchroom, and she reached out to me and said, "Happy late mother's day", and gave me her 100 calorie pack of chocolate muffins. Yum! I love sweet kids. I had to love on her after that.

Today was Pioneer Day in 4th grade, and Graham was beside himself the whole time. He is a major history buff, and this is right up his little alley. So the last thing they did {after learning what their toys looked like, how they cooked, how they washed & shaved, and how to dig for gold} was watch a broom exhibit. The man was making good old fashioned corn brooms. So after watching the entire demonstration, Graham raised his hand and asked this: "If I were to go online and look this up from a different place, how much would THEY sell it for?"

Translation: "My dad has warped my mind so much that I know you are trying to rip me off, and I'm not buying into it. I don't like your price. So how much cheaper could I buy it online, because my mom doesn't clean good enough with the 30 brooms she has. I'd like to buy her this one."

The assistant principal all but dragged me down to the room and threatened me within an inch of my life, so I would sit there and watch it. Because Graham loved it so much.

One other thing I realized: Noah is incapable of earning the Super Dragon at lunch. :( He talks a lot, and fails to "pack up" properly. For those who are curious, Super Dragons {we're the Little Dragons} are passed out for good behavior. And I am NOT the giver out of them. Someone else is.

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