Sunday, May 24, 2009


Do you think I have a blogging problem? I mean seriously. My life is not at all that interesting. Unless you count 4 boys 4 years apart interesting. Which this is the norm nowadays, so I doubt it. Right when I signed in to write this post, I noticed this is my 402nd post. Yup. I'd say I have a problem.

How's your weekend going? Mine is fabulous. I, no WE, got all kinds of stuff done yesterday. My wonderhubby cut the grass, front and back. Grass? Jungle, I mean. In the backyard, at least. Then he cleaned out the garage. I wondered if he wasn't feeling well, but I was scared if I asked him that it would go away. While him and the boys finished up out there, I finished cleaning the house, then cleaned the back deck. It looks so much better now. I'll post pics when I get some pretty flowers and such out there. I'm going to start an herb garden. Well, not a garden. I guess maybe I should call them herb POTS. Because, let's face it, my kids and I will kill the garden. I don't do worms/spiders, and they don't do pretty grass/flower beds. Maybe someday. But pots? I can handle little herb pots.

*Todd, please keep all sarcastic comments to yourself.*

I have some spare time on my hands because I woke up at the crack of dawn to make breakfast for Sunday school. It smells yummy. It's just a breakfast casserole~it has sausage, tater tots, eggs, cheese and bisquick. Easy schmeasy. Drew is about to start drooling. His tongue was hanging out as I told him what was cooking in the oven.

Well. Speaking of that, I'd better get off here and go check it. I have some really cute pics to post soon...if you're on facebook, go over there and look at them. Included in them is a picture that Graham made of the teepee he built to protect himself from the water war they had in the front yard yesterday. Pretty cool. Love to all! The timer just went off.....

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