Thursday, May 21, 2009

HaPpY tHuRsDaY

It's going to be one of those days....the good kind. I can just feel it in my bones. I have already prayed for all of you who read this to have that kind of a day.

I read a great devotion this morning, and without sharing the whole thing like I sometimes do, you can go here to check it out. This morning's devotion was about being a mom...most of us are not SuperMom, although I do know a few that come mighty close. Why do we hold ourselves so responsible to be the best at every single little thing that we do? I was convicted by this this morning. I think sometimes that I get really caught up in trying to be a certain kind of woman~wife, mom, friend~when I really shouldn't worry about any of that nonsense. I should instead just be my BEST. That is all I have to be responsible for. I require that of my kids in school, so why not require that same thing for myself?

Hmmmm, that was a good way to start my day. Really, it was. I will try harder to achieve this new goal that I have set before me....not to be the best at everything that I do, but to just give everything my all. My best. That is all that He requires of me.

So. That's all. Nothing revolutionary this morning, not that anything I write is ever revolutionary, but it's especially not so this morning. It was just something I wanted to share. It spoke to me as a busy {crazy?} mom, and I was wondering if a few of YOU could use the same devotion that I so badly needed. Love to all~I hope your Thursday is blessed, and as always, I'm praying for all of you who read this.

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