Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Morning, Glory

It's barely 8am on Saturday morning, and the rest of the house is still asleep. Jonah and Noah spent the night with a friend last night {Jackson}, and Graham and Drew invited a friend over {Chandler}. So with the 3 boys, it's still quiet.

We had the best zoo day ever yesterday. Everything was perfect~the weather, the crowd size, the sky, everything. It was like God ordained that day to happen just for me and my Daddy. All the flowers are bursting with color, and I saw things there in the landscaping that I've never noticed before. And trust me. I've been to our zoo a few {thousand} times. It's my favorite place. I'll post pics of it once I get a spare thirty minutes. {I hate posting blog pictures~it takes way longer than just writing. Because the pics never go where I want them. So hats off to you all who post pics all the time.}

Last night, Graham and Drew had a game. After the game, my sister, Trish, came back home with us. And stayed until 10:30. We sat out on my back deck and talked. And talked. And caught up on each other's lives. I love me some sister time. It was great.

In just a little bit, we've got to leave and go pick up Jonah and Noah. We're bringing their friend Jackson with us for the day. I am 98% sure that when we get done with baseball, there will be loads of water involved in their playtime. Fun times, people, fun times. The magic mixture for fun in the summer is sun and water. That's it. Pretty simple, huh?

We're off to Nana's and Big Daddy's for dinner tonight. Hopefully Mom won't get sick on us this time. :( I had to put her to bed last week b/c she was coming down with something. Well, I have to run. Chandler's mom is coming to pick him up in half an hour and he needs to be up and ready. So. To all of you who read this~have a wonderful Saturday with your family. Whatever that involves. Love to all!

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