Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girls Night @ Bible Study

I love Bible study. I love what we're doing, and I love the girls participating in it. I LOVE our time afterwards, too. We eat, and talk, and just catch up on everybody's lives. It's like a girl's night IN. It always ends with Christa and me walking Asher around in her apartment complex. And talking some more. I love it. Fun times.

Do you ever reminisce about when you were young? My favorite thing about spring is driving with the windows down, and the music turned up. And laugh if you want to, but I especially love driving in a NORMAL car that I don't look like a mom in. I don't know why I even think of that, but I do. I love my kids, but I also love a little free time.

So last night I was driving to Bible study with all the windows down, and listening to my new cd that Todd bought me. It was great. The music was awesome, all upbeat and just good. And in case you're dying from curiosity, I was listening to Francesca Batticelli. Good stuff, people. I especially love it when I can sing along with the music...which I could because she's alto. Anyway. Just thought I'd share that.

Last night we gave one of the girls in our group, Ashley, a personal wedding shower. The next time she joins us, she'll be married. So we got her some goodies. Or her almost husband some goodies. Whatever. She was cute about it~all modest and embarassed. Those were fun days, weren't they?

I got home a little after midnight, and needless to say, did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. Lucky for me, Bible study happens once every other week, not every week. I'd be exhausted if that were the case. I am SOOOOO not a night person. Ask Todd. I'm usually in bed by ten every night. Now that I have to get up and function properly the next day at work.

So. I guess I'd better get off this thing and go try to wrestle my kids into getting dressed for school. And speaking of THAT, we have 10 days left! Hallelujah!

Oh, and just because it makes this post more fun, Drew told Todd and me this morning that he wants to be a hobo when he grows up. He asked Todd if he could be one and travel on a train, and Todd said yes. So Drew calls down the stairs, "Dad, is there a bathroom on a train?" Todd replied, "Yeah, but since you're a hobo, you have to travel on a cargo train, and there's not one in those." You ready for this? So Drew says back, "Oh well. I'll just pee in the car."


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Phyllis said...

You gotta love Drew! He is so funny. 10 days is not very many!!! See ya at choir tonight.
Bunches of love.

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