Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun In The Sun

It's really sad that I think in terms of this blog. I've told you before that I am obsessed with it. Seriously. It's gotten so bad that I take my camera with me at all times. I never know when an opportunity will present itself to me, and how better to record it, than with a picture? So I can then post it on my blog. Hmmm. This is sad, isn't it?

On the way to havin' some fun in the sun. Well, sort of. It was only 70 degrees, but I'd promised 5 boys that I would take them all swimming, and I don't make promises I don't keep!

Graham and Drew...they DO love each other, they really do!

It was freezing. I think that is what Jonah was trying to convey to me through my camera.

See? I told ya. It was freezing. They would swim, and get out, swim, and get out. Poor Noah's lips were blue.

You know your boys are getting to THAT AGE, when they check out every girl that comes near. And check them out they did. I think Graham and DC were trying to push each other into the water here.

They had to feed the geese. And the few ducks that showed up. I won't post the next picture. As they were walking back to Mimi's house, they saw a crushed turtle with all its intestines spilled out onto the grass. Blah. It was gross. And Graham, my little mini me photographer, was just snapping away.

All tuckered out after a LOOOONNNNGGGG day of swimming.

And again...

and one more.

This was at the zoo the next day. They were looking at a lion that was sprawled out on its back like our cats do. It was pretty cute.

Lil Jonah bug just a walkin'.

The Bros. Love them to pieces, I do.

I love this picture, I took it in the petting zoo part of the zoo. The whole day was like this, perfectly gorgeous, ordained by God Himself.

Noah was looking at the little lamb that had just been there. It was precious. I love this shot of him. My little big boy.

On the train, because what in the world would a trip to the zoo be without a train ride? With Pappaw, no less.

Snow cones! Noah got the prize because he was the only one to finish his.

Contemplative Jonah. Doesn't happen very often. Him not talking, I mean.

It was the perfect day. Followed by another perfect day. Today. Each day in our story is a gift. Hope you enjoyed viewing some of my treasures. Love to all.

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Dawn Jenkins said...

love the pics of the sleeping boys!!! So familiar. Thanks for the sweet note on my blog. I woke-up Friday morning completely FREE from the hurt. Only God...

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