Friday, May 8, 2009


Other than the fact that now Jonah and Noah are arguing {hey, at least it's not Graham and Drew}, it's Friday! Woohoo! I wonder if it's possible for your kids to drive you to insanity? I think mine are trying. I really do. After I posted the blog yesterday, I thought my day would be sooooo much better. I spent time praying and reading the Bible, but for whatever reason {the world tilted on its axis, there was a full moon}, it did NOT happen. It actually got much, much worse. I got so upset at work that my blood pressure shot up, I turned purple in the face, and I started shaking. Trembling from disbelief.

I'm glad to know it wasn't just me~my coworker had the same thing happen to her. Somedays I feel like it's just me. It was not a health issue, it was a lack of discipline issue. Well, that is all I will say on THAT subject. Onto another subject now.

We had to go to the school last night for the book fair, and for the PTA meeting. Jonah got awarded the citizenship award for the entire year in his class. Him and his sweet little friend, Ashleigh were Mrs. Miles' recipients. My heart was all swelled up inside. It was a really nice ending to my day. Well, I have to run and get the boys ready for school...I thought I would write for just a minute before I started my day. Love to all!


Phyllis said...

I am so proud of little Jonah and am praying for you to have a great day today!
Bunches of love.

Tater Mama said...

Many thanks for your sweet note today! Little boys will just steal our hearts, won't they?! :)

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