Monday, May 4, 2009

The Afternoon I Spent With My Kindergarten Friends

I am so blessed as a mother with children at our school. I have never had a teacher that I didn't love dearly. Jonah's teacher, Andi Miles, is no different. I spent the afternoon in her class, because that's my chocolate after a day in the loud, disrespectful cafeteria. I love those sweet kiddos in her class.

I walked in the door, and they immediately started yelling, "Mrs. Goodwin! Look at our new butterfly!" A butterfly {2 actually} came out of its cocoon sometime over the weekend. The 2nd one came out sometime between 9 and 2 pm today. They were stepping all over themselves trying to show me the butterflies first.

After I did some favors for Mrs. Miles, I just stayed and hung out. Abby wrote a song and sung it for us. It was about being scared, but when your friends came around, everything was better. Zack showed off his butterflies and caterpillar that he made over the weekend. Mrs. Miles talked about Jonah and how he got a compliment from the preschool teacher today. This morning, as they were walking outside to the playground, Jonah went up to Ms. Gilbert and said, "I just wanted to thank you for wiping off the slides for us so we could have recess." Can you hear my heart cracking open? Oh, and he and his sweet little friend, Ashleigh, were nominated for that class's citizenship award for the year.

I will be sad to say goodbye to this class as our year draws to a close. Mrs. Miles told me today that she's never had another class quite like this bunch. I don't know that Jonah will ever have the kind of year that he's had this year. The kids in his room are so different~diverse in backgrounds, personalities, and appearance. There's a great mixture in there. I wish they could move up to first grade together as a class. Sigh.

Remember when I was wiggin' out over them starting kindergarten? Well, now I'm sad over it ending. Go figure. I'll be glad for summer, just sad that they're ready for first grade. And fourth grade. And fifth. This next year will be Graham's last in elementary. Yikes. I don't want to think that far ahead yet. I'll panic on ya at a later date. For now, I'm gonna go snuggle with my babies. I mean big boys. :(

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~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just stopping by from STS and wanted to say hello! I hope you are having a great day! Now I'm off to read more:) Hugs, Sandy

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