Sunday, May 10, 2009

About The Same As My Children Standing And Blessing Me

While they didn't quite say those words, I have never felt more loved than I felt today. Let me begin by explaining that Graham picked out a heart necklace to buy me for Christmas. For mother's day, he found matching earrings, and that is what the boys got me. Todd bought me a purse that I asked for~and while it is adorable, I am going to return it for the other blue one I originally wanted. This one is really cute, and I tried it on, and I do love it but it's not very comfy. You cannot carry a purse that's not comfy. This is okay though, because what is not to love about a little shopping trip?

So today, I sat all day. The sisters, Mom and I decided we were not going to lift a finger in the kitchen and bought barbecue for lunch. Lisa even bought the cupcakes {pupcakes, as Jonah calls them}. It was pure H.E.A.V.E.N. The men cleaned the kitchen while we sat and chatted in Lisa's formal living room. Again~it was Heaven. We thoroughly enjoyed our day together.

Tonight ended my day by Trav and Katie bringing over the yummiest pupcakes ever. Strawberry cake mix with chocolate icing~complete with little bits of strawberries in it! Y.U.M. As I enjoyed their company tonight, and enjoyed the kisses all my sweet boys lavished on me, I realized that while they didn't actually "stand and bless me" as Proverbs 31:28 states, that this was their blessing to me. Loving me. I can not think of anything more perfect than today.

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