Monday, April 6, 2009

What's Up?

This was what Drew looked like when he woke up this morning. Much improvement since the previous post. He is fine, I am happy to report. He hasn't had a headache all day, and it's not that swollen anymore. It only looks swollen shut first thing in the morning. Isn't he purty, as he would say???

I enjoyed another field trip today. Today was Jonah's and Noah's turn, and their field trip was to the Botanic Gardens. It is so beautiful there. It was cold today, but still pretty. They had such a great time, we all did, but their favorite thing was riding the bus there. They slept on the way back to school. They were exhausted. We ended the day out with lunch together in their classrooms. Fun times had by all.

I checked Jonah and Noah out because, after all, it was field trip day, but also because Jonah had a doctor's appointment with the urologist again. It went well~I saw what he meant by him not being sure if there's a kidney or not...there does seem to be one, it is just smaller than the other one. The left one measures at 8 cm and the right one, if that's what we're seeing, measures at about 5 cm. So. That's that. He wants him to have one more test...a renal (sp???) scan. They will give him an iv and inject dye into it. We will then go to the doctor that we saw today, and by that time the kidney(s) will have started to filter it, and it'll give the doc an indication of whether or not the right one is functioning. Worst case scenario, if there is no kidney, it still stays there. It's not bothersome, and the doc and Pediatric's Association tells us that we do not have to alter his lifestyle. If he wants to play football, then so be it. We'll schedule this test sometime after school ends.

We froze our behinds off at ball practice tonight. It was sooooo cold. And sooooo windy. The wind was what was so bad. We had a couple new kids show up tonight~Todd went Saturday and only had three kids come. If this is any indication of what is to come....well, then I don't know what. At least the 2 tonight were new to him. They did great, considering the cold temps. It was great. Jonah and Noah did great...I can't wait till the games start!!!

After practice, we went to Wally World. Todd and Graham went in and got a few things and took forever to come out. So Graham comes running out and asks, "Mom, do you have your purse?" To which I answered, "No." Graham told me that Todd left his wallet home as well. Lots of good they do us at home, huh? Not a minute later, Todd and Graham walk back out...with the groceries. There was a man standing in line behind Todd who asked him how much he needed. Todd figured he thought he needed a couple dollars, but it was $25. The man put his stuff with Todd's and told the cashier he would pay for it all. Todd tried to stop him, saying it was no big deal, that we could go home and get his wallet and come back. But the man insisted, saying, "Consider this a favor from a friend in Jesus." Can you believe that?!?!?!?! Good people DO still exist! We can't quit talking about it. I was reminded of the Bible verse that says to watch how you act because you may be entertaining angels unawared!!!

So, how was YOUR Monday? Mine was fantabulous. This is the best's holy week. I love, love, LOVE this time of year, friends. It is all about Jesus, and what He did for us. I want to encourage you to find some time for Him this week, and thank Him for what He has done for us and in us. And if you're not planning on it, please consider going to church if you usually don't. What an amazing time for His children to come back home to Him! I love you all in Christ, and am praying for you this week. Be blessed.


Kerstin said...

WOW! What an awesome man to do that for your family!

Phyllis said...

You had a FANTASTIC DAY! I had a good day too but not as exciting as yours. I am looking forward to Drew's party tomorrow night!!!

Noah's Mommy said...

wow that is one large egg...holy cow....glad it's getting better...and isn't the Easter week amazing...I always feel rejuvinated...and better about myself as a person and a Christian....just wanted to stop over and say Welcome to SITS, so happy you have joined us.

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