Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something I Feel Needs To Be Addressed

I read a touching story on another blog today, and it is something that I feel the need to post about on my blog. To read about it, how God can restore you, and rescue you from the enemy {Psalm 3:7 "Arise, O LORD! Rescue me, my God!"}, please click here. Take a moment and read this story. It does not end with the end of her post, the ending takes place when you can stand and victoriously say, "It happened to me, but I admitted my problem, I asked God's forgiveness, my spouse's forgiveness, and I can say that I am a changed man/woman." Claim it in Jesus' name, and expect it. God is the shield around you {Psalm 3:1}, He watches over you {Psalm 3:5}, and He will give you victory over all your battles {Psalm 3:8}.

Whew. Thank You, Jesus for using these words, because I know they are from You. You have impressed them upon my heart, and I pray that whoever needs to read about this today will do so, and begin the healing process. I ask this in Your name.

Well, okay, then. Now that that is said and done, how are you? I am wonderful. We survived yet another Monday. Only 4 to go, and S.U.M.M.E.R.T.I.M.E. I feel like singing the High School Musical 2 song that starts off with them all chanting, "Summer. Summer. Summer." I know, sad that I know that, right? Speaking of that movie, I have seen the first and second one, and it's just not right that I not see the third one, so although my boys are over that whole thing, guess who put it on her Netflix queue? Ummm, I'm not sure, but you may know her. Curly haired, mom of 4 boys, could stand to lose a few, loves to blog. Her name is Jennifer. I've heard she's pretty nice. Lol. Joking about all THAT. Well, I can be nice. I can also be Nazi Mom. Character flaw. Jesus is still working on me, so don't lose patience just yet. I am a work in progress, and He is currently working on putting a shield over my mouth { James 3:2 "Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way."}. I am working on O.B.E.D.I.E.N.C.E. and not listening to my flesh, but to the nudging of the Holy Spirit.

Wow, off on yet another random track. It's gotta be close to the end of the school year, because this is how I get every single May. Well, almost May. It will be on Friday! I lose all ability to focus and concentrate on anything else. I think I might have had issues with this before there were ever issues that anyone knew about. I turned out okay though, so no worries.

I am not sure what I was thinking, but for some crazy reason, I made all 4 boys dental appointments for today, starting at 12:40. I may be there for three hours. Good heavens, surely I didn't do that. Maybe my hubby made the appointments, not me. Hmmm, I like that answer and will go with that one. So I have to check them out at 12 because it takes them 10 minutes to pack up and come to the office, and off we will head to Cordova. Drew's paranoid about getting braces today. I don't know why he thinks that, I told him that today was just a cleaning, but he was still anxious. Poor thing. I was that way when I was little. Heck, who am I kidding? I am still like that. I absolutely ABHOR {to regard with extreme repugnence} going to the dentist. Even just to get my teeth cleaned. Mom could NEVER tell me the night before that I had a dental appointment the next day, or I'd cry incessantly all night. She'd just spring it on me. I'm sure she's laughing as she reads this right about now. :)

Well, if I plan on eating before going to work today, I need to go. I hope you all have an incredible day! You're in my prayers today~love to all.

***One more thing~about the story on Lysa's blog, don't try and go through the battle on your own. Find someone in the church {pastor, mentor} and seek their help and accountability. If I can pray for you today, let me know, even if it's anonymously. In the book of Nehemiah, when he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, even the ones against his doing so "realized this work had been done with the help of our God." Nehemiah 6:1. You are not alone.***


Todd said...

Lets set the record straight....NO I did not make the appointments!!!!

Todd said...

How do you spell me sticking my tongue out at you?? And making the noise that goes with it? I know you didn't, I was just kidding.

all4boys said...

Hey, it said that Todd said that 2nd comment, but he didn't, Jenn did. :)

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