Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rocks In My Dryer

Seriously. Do you see how many there are??? I find stuff like this all the time, and the guilty parties are Drew and Noah. Noah had so many rocks in his pocket one time that I am shocked his pants were able to stay up. It's amazing. Isn't that a trip? It also explains why I have strategically placed glass containers overflowing with the the "goodies" they bring me almost on a daily basis. I love my boys.

Today, I am off and running once again. This has been a really busy week, I think b/c of teacher appreciation week. I will be glad when this week is over. But, onto bigger and better things. Last night we had such a great time at Jonah's reading party. His class was the only class to put on a reading party. They each picked their favorite book and read it aloud to a room FULL of people. Sweet little Jonah was so nervous. Enjoy the picture below.

Well, I have to run~I just looked at the clock! Holy macaroni, I have to be at the school in 15 to do fluency for 4th grade, and I need to finish packing my lunch. I hope you all have an amazing day! Love to all, and you're in my prayers!!!


Phyllis said...

Drew was proudly showing me those "fossils", he said they weren't rocks, yesterday in the office before we left school. I told him you would love them. We loved the "reading party", actually I loved my whole day yesterday!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love this post. I find rocks in my dryer (all the time!) I never can get mad at them just makes me smile. My "offender" is always Kade! Ha! That kid loves to carry things in his pockets. I am kinda teary-eyed right now...I think our boys are growing up to fast. =(

all4boys said...

I bet you do find them all the time~I told you a long time ago that your Kade reminds me of my Drew...pudgy, loves life, carefree, brings goodies to the mamma...I know, I'm getting misty eyed too. The one thing I hate about mommyhood is realizing they're growing up before my eyes. It's bittersweet.

rosegirl said...

Once a while ago (maybe 10 years ago) my husband was quite alarmed at the sound coming out of the dryer. When he went to check, there were bullets tumbling around in there. What a shock that #2 had climbed up and gotten them off of the top of a very high cabinet in the storage room and carried them around in his pocket. Hubby was very disturbed because apparently with heat and the right impact against the dryer or something in it, they could have exploded. I was clueless.....he moved his bullets.