Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Baaaack

I know. Seriously. This has to be my all time record for not posting. Call it what you may, but I have been enjoying my family to the fullest and have not had a spare second. That and writer's block.

I know it's now Tuesday, but we had the greatest weekend. You heard about Friday earlier. On Saturday we got to church at 9am for choir practice and the big Eggstravaganza was at 11. They had so much fun~even if the hunt itself was a bit on the babyish side. That may have been our last year to hunt for the older boys...I felt sorry for the kids, for all ages, the eggs were just tossed on the grass. It was sad. Graham looked at me and his expression said, "are you kiddin' me?" But they still had fun with their friends and on the inflatables. Fun times.

Saturday night we dyed eggs! I love doing that. Even Todd joined in on the festivities. We had a yummy dinner of buffalo bites (TGI Friday brand, called ANYtizers) and celery sticks, then went on a bike ride. Actually we ate, then dyed the eggs, THEN went on a bike ride. My butt still hurts. I think I need a new seat.

After everyone was squeaky and clean we settled down and watched Bedtime Stories. Have you seen it? If not, it's totally appropriate for kids and a great movie~Todd and I cracked up in several places. I'm thinking about watching it again. Or buying it, b/c some you just should.

Sunday morning was church! I was not disappointed, friends, it was the best service EVER EVER EVER. If you didn't come and I invited you, shame on you. You really missed out. You'da definitely been blessed, ya know what I'm sayin'? Sorry....I think I'm sounding eerily like my sister Debi~I just read her blog, and she KILLS me. Anyway, I invited several peeps, but for whatever reason~they didn't come. It's ok. I'll choose to let it roll off my back and not be offended, b/c SERIOUSLY I've invited them a hundred times. Jesus is just so good and I want to share Him. I don't want anyone to accuse me of keeping Him all to myself. And I don't know how people don't want Him in their lives and choose to ignore Him. But...

We~the choir~got so blessed it wasn't even funny. The songs we sang were amazing, once again all thanks to the Music Man. He's so talented. We had a LONG time of just praise and worship, a message, and more praise and worship. In the middle the Music Man had these people on stage giving their cardboard testimonies. It was very powerful. The signs said stuff like, "Broken marriage and divorce for 2 years/now restored, addicted to gambling and pornography/God delivered me from it and called me into ministry, lost parents within 1 year at the ages of 22, 14, and 9/God sustained us and kept us together!" You get the drift? I bawled the whole time. Really. Good thing I had lots of kleenex.

After church we ate lunch with Mom and Bill~yum~then came home at 5 and watched Beethoven's Big Break. Thank you, Mr. Easter Bunny. Well, in our case anyway. Todd bought it. It was cute. Except for the middle part when I fell asleep and missed it, the rest of it was cute. Not as cute as Bedtime Stories, but hey. What can ya do? The kids liked it.

Our week is going....not fast enough, but it is. This is tcap week at school. It is ridiculous. I've never been on the employee side of it, and let me tell you~it is complete and total chaos just about. The kids are all freaked about doing bad, some cried, some got sick, and NO ONE was where they usually were. One thing I have learned in working for the public school system is flexibility. Work where needed, don't complain, and don't expect it to ever be "normal" again. I have tremendous respect for all administrators in our school~one in particular, the "TCAP Nazi" she is so affectionately called. It's crazy. But it's like a well~oiled machine, and somehow, everything just kind of flows. Don't ask how, but it does. The one great thing about this week? NO HOMEWORK, somebody shout AMEN!

I was a proctor in a 2nd grade class~the one I so did not want to be in but would have never said that out loud!!! But I was in there and am all week, so that's why the no writing thing has taken place. Well, that and laundry I had to do yesterday. It went ok, although my feet are KILLING me from not sitting down for um, 5 hours straight, minus the 10 for lunch. I know, I know, stop the complaining. Ok. I'm done.

I am so excited about tonight. As soon as I finish writing this, I'm headed upstairs to put on my flannel pj pants, a sweatshirt and my warm furry crocs. We're having loaded baked potatoes for dinner. And pizza from Dominoes. It's customer appreciation day there today and tomorrow, and medium pizzas cost $3.99. Anyone want pizza for dinner??? I think we're gonna watch another movie, too. I'm not sure which one yet, but I'll figure it out. As long as all the kiddos agree, that's what I always say.

Well, it's been great catching up, but I must go. I need to go change and leave to pick up the boys. Phyllis, this one was for you. I hope you enjoyed it~I think I'm in rare form today. Hope I didn't offend too many people. I hope you witness the love of Jesus today. And forgive me for the complaining thing. I am not perfect. I have always said that, but now you have witnessed it. Thank You, Heavenly Father for Your mercy on me.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I feel much better now that I have had my BLOG "fix". You really don't know how much I miss you when you skip a day. I always check it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, as well as off and on during the day. I always like to read them while they are still hot off the press.
And you were so right about Sunday, I cried all through the cardboard testimonies too, as well as some of the songs. GOD IS GOOD!!
Bunches of love!!!!

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