Friday, April 17, 2009

Cool Thought Of The Day

I loved this quote I got off one of my my morning email devotions, and wanted to share.

"The day is coming when all the stuff you've striven, strained and stressed out to acquire will make no difference. Your résumé and job title will no longer impress anyone. No one will care what clothes you wore or what cars you drove, except your relatives who plan to wear them, drive them or sell them. If you're wise you'll plan to exit this life with a 'take away' that involves these three things: (a) Satisfaction, that comes from having fulfilled your God-given assignment here on earth. (b) Success, that's measured in terms of eternal rewards, not temporal ones. (c) Security, that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. These are the only 'take away' worth living for!"

Don't we all forget this from time to time? I know I do. I freak out over what my house looks like, or what I look like~and don't get me wrong. I'm not saying to let your house or yourself go to pot, take care of the things God has given you!!! I will still strive to make my house a home, and to look nice, but it's only for a short time that we'll have these "things". I much prefer this "take away" that the quote above speaks of. It causes me to wonder: am I giving God my all? Are you?

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