Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Does My Hubby Always Get To Hog The T.V.?

So yeah, we're sitting here watching a completely lovely show called, "STOP SHOUTING AT ME!" I kid you not...go to your guide and look on T.L.C. and that's what we're watching. It is about people who have anger management issues on the road. SERIOUSLY. Why do they make shows like this? This one ranks right up there with Parking Wars, How It's Made, and Manhunters. And you wonder why I post up to three blogs a day sometimes.

We had a lovely day. Is it Friday yet? Nope. Not quite. I am so ready for spring break next week. I need a break, the kids need a break, the teachers need breaks from their kids, and I am just over it all. I am so tired of packing lunches. Have I ever mentioned how bad I hate packing them??? Spring break is so worth not packing lunches and snacks for four. Ahem, 5, I mean. I guess I could be more prepared and do it when they empty out their bags from the day, but by that time of day, I'm just ready to collapse. Thinking about what I should send for them tomorrow is not high on the priority list at that time of day. And then I have the issue of their lunches coming back home full. Yup, full. Drew especially, has not been hungry all week and is not eating his sandwich. What do you do in that case? I'm not going to not send him lunch...I think he's just tired of what I'm packing, although I don't know how. I pack something different almost every day. Well, as far as sandwiches go.

Did I mention that for the first time in five years, a teacher requested a conference with me? Guess who's teacher? Did you guess DREW? If you did, then you get the prize. I gotta admit, when I read that note, my stomach dropped. I actually got nervous, and I'm the parent, now! What in the world is that all about? She ended up telling me that it was nothing major...she just hadn't had a chance to talk to me this year, and she wanted me to know where he started at the beginning of the year, and where he was now. She made me feel very good about him, and she had nothing but great things to say. Except for his penmanship, which leaves a lot to be desired. I'm okay with it though, because his grades are near perfect. He loves her and she loves him. It's a great match. For now, all is well.

The kiddos are all nestled in their beds now, and I think this show is about to be over, so I am going to try and finagle the remote away from the hubby now. We'll see how it goes. Don't you love the randomness with which I write? My life is this way, obviously. So random. So crazy. So much fun. So boring sometimes that I run out of things to write about~GASP!!!

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