Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night RaNdOmNeSs

So....hmmm. I am wondering where to get started. I have lots rolling around in my head. First and most important: I am SO not ready for the boys to return to school. And I guess for me to return to work there at their school. I need to pray for joy to come back to me about my job. It seems to have disappeared around the time Graham started being tormented by a classmate. I was always that weird mom who hated her kids to start school. My sisters will tell you they used to skip with glee down the Walmart isle to buy school supplies for their kids, but not me. I was always the mom who sat in her car for ten minutes after drop off, boo~hooing like a baby. Seriously.

I made it through tonight~I sang in a trio in church, and we sang a very fast, upbeat COUNTRY song. As in John Denver's "Thank God I'm A Country Boy", which I wanted to add to the end of our song because it sounded just like it, by the way. I thought I was going to hyperventilate after it was over. I was really dreading the song because 1, I didn't know it. I lost my octavo to it, and I lost the cd that had it on there. The other reason was because the song was so fast, and there were so many words in it, that breathing was an issue. The Music Man himself said that very thing. About the fainting, gasping for air, hyperventilating thing, I mean. So I'm thrilled that it's over. I think we did pretty good though. Except that Todd told me the sound was bad...not the voices, but the reverberation of us. Hmmmmm......

I love my church. I mean seriously head over heels in love with the body of believers that I belong to. Everyone should belong to a church like ours. It's all about relationship with the Lord (and others), accountability and having encouragement along life's journey, ya know?! My pastor asked us to mention our church to someone this week. I personally feel we have lots to offer. We have amazing small groups that meet for Sunday school, we have a really strong and thriving kids program, an excellent youth group, and an incredible group that meets every Wed. night called The Experience. We have young married classes, older married with families classes, classes on growing in spirituality, classes on health issues, I mean it when I say that there is something for everyone. We attend Memphis First Assembly of God...go here and read about it if you're interested. We have loads of things coming up for Easter~my all time favorite holiday! I want to jump for joy over the songs that the Music Man has picked for us to praise to!!!! Wonderful, glorious, tear the walls down, THANK YOU JESUS FOR WHO YOU ARE music. I cannot wait. You can go the above link and read about the Easter festivities, or I can just mention them here.

We have a Good Friday service every year. It's on Friday night (duh) and only about an hour long. It's a lot of worship and some word from our Pastor. We have an Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday morning~11am I think, but double check me~for all ages. 1~100, there is somewhere for YOU. My kids love it and cannot wait. On Easter Sunday we have no Sunday school, but church starts at 10:00. So we can leave and chow down on EASTER LUNCH! Yummy, one of my favorite meals that Mom fixes. Ham. Dumplins. Cauliflower salad. Potato salad. Hellodollies. Need I say more??? (And if you're wondering, we do have more food than that, but I cannot remember at this present time.)

So, I am seriously mad at someone at CBS for messing up the schedule AGAIN. Todd and I missed The Amazing Race 14. Dognabbit. The dvr says that it recorded, but 60 Minutes went over their scheduled time, I guess, and it only recorded 15 minutes of our show. I told Todd I didn't even want to watch it, that it was just enough to make me mad. So we didn't. We're watching a show on TLC about a man in Mexico (or somewhere in the vacinity) who weighs 1200 lbs. How? Why? What in the world? I don't even WANT to know how someone can get that big.

Well, since this is another one of my notoriously random posts, and the random thoughts are officially out of my head...I will go. I need some pickle juice. And NO I am not pregnant. I just love pickle juice. So much so that I drank all the juice out of the hamburger pickle jar. GASP! I did. Really. I admit. I am a flawed girl, people. With a major addiction to pickle juice! Ask Todd, he can testify. Drew likes it too. We can go through some pickles, him and I. Well, good night to all, and have a wonderfully easy morning tomorrow of getting your kiddos out the door. Or yourself. Or YOU TRAVIS. What the heck were you thinking, "WHICH CAT DO I LET OUT???" None of them, that's the one. Just the dog. Andy the WonderDog. Oh, and you left our back door unlocked. And not pushed shut very good. Just in case you wanted to know, but THANK YOU for taking care of the aminals for us today while we were gone. Much love to you and your gorgeous wife. Ok, well, really, that's all now. Gnight.

Oh, and Todd and Phyllis~my blog critics~I meant to misspell animals (AMINALS). :)

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Momma Miller said...

I just love the randomness. Sometimes ya just gotta get it all out like that. Just a million things pressing on the mind and needing release. LOL


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