Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Big Night Out!

We had the most fabulous~est day ever. Ever, ever, ever. I was so excited about tonight...Mimi and I took the boys to the Orpheum for The Magic Tree House. It was so good. The acting, singing, dancing (even an Irish jig!), scenery, everything was fantabulous. I am not sure who had more fun~me or them. I love exposing them to culture. I had lots of it growing up, and it tickles me pink to do the same for the boys.

Todd is working for the sheriff's department tonight at their Homeland Security office, so while we were all at the play, Wiley (who was our chauffeur) went and hung out with Todd. That just totally sweetened the deal for tonight...not having to drive, then park and walk.

I loved tonight. In case you couldn't tell. The day before was pretty good too. Except for the part where some kid in 4th grade called me a demon. Yup. You read right. The things I put up with...uh. All because I told him I chose who took the trays to the window, not him. Katie, you want this job back, don't you? Hahahaha. I have tough skin, and can take it. I actually laughed about it later b/c it was pretty funny.

Well, I'm getting off this thing and going to have a little late night snack and watch a new sitcom I recorded yesterday. G'night, and love to all.


Phyllis said...

Yes, it was absolutely wonderful. You forgot to mention the sweet ending with Baskin Robbins before we went home. We couldn't have asked for more!!!

all4boys said...

Oh yeah. I forgot that part. I had a great time. We should definitely do it again!!!

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