Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

ENJOYING THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF MY KIDS! Seriously. We have had the greatest, most fun and relaxing week. Monday was spent cleaning and getting ready for that night's party, Tuesday we had all the glorious boys over here playing and tramping around in my house, Wednesday the boys went to the zoo with Papa and Mimi, and today we went on a picnic @ Cameron Brown park with Sunny and her crew. FUN FUN FUN. I cannot get enough of being home with these little guys. It's awesome.

Tomorrow we're spending the day with my dad and going to the Children's Museum. Woohoo!!! We took a poll, and their choices were the zoo (sometimes they don't get enough of it, but apparently they did yesterday), the Fire Museum or the Children's Museum. That last one won by a landslide. They have so many cool things to do there...there's an airplane, a "body" they can perform surgery on, an old car they can "drive", a firetruck, police motorcycle, a house they can walk through and ring the doorbells, jungle gym, a miniature sized Kroger (complete with grocery carts~this is Graham's fav. along with the airplane), this place is pure heaven to a child. There's tons of things more that I can't even remember. It's amazing. I don't know who's more excited~them or me.

So right now, what am I doing, you wonder. (Or not) I am sitting here while Graham, Drew, Jonah, Noah and Andy The Wonder Boy playing happily upstairs. Andy is spending the night (hopefully!) with us tonight. The last time it didn't work. They may come to the C.M. with us tomorrow. Sunny was seriously deliberating when I left her this afternoon. Well, for once, I'm not excited about this weekend. I am not ready for Monday to come, and it will come way too fast once the weekend starts. I am excited about tomorrow night because friends are coming over and we're having STEAK! I love me some red meat!

Well, I am going to go put on my jammies. I am beat. Pleasantly so, I might add. Love to all!

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Phyllis said...

The airplane that Graham likes has the name "Mary Rose" on the side of it. It is named for our friend's mentally disabled daughter, Mary Rose Williams. She is John and Regina Williams daughter. I think Todd is his friend on facebook too and you can go to his photos and see her picture beside it. I'm sure he would love to see a picture of your boys standing next to her name.

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