Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In The Midst Of Our Sleepover....

I found another leak. DOGNABBIT. It's been almost an entire year without one and then I saw "THE SPOT". It was like a choir of angel's singing, "Ahhhhhh!!!!" I looked up to our infamous holes in the ceiling~that really will NEVER GET FIXED NOW~and saw a new mysterious brown spot. I thought we were doing so great with our awful pipes, and now this. For those of you who didn't know us a year ago, we had a MAJOR leak in our wall in the hallway between the downstairs bath and kitchen. As a result, we got a $14,000 remodel job for the grand total of $500 out of our pocket. Not bad, but the mess was horrendous and caused crazy things to happen to me. And that is why these leaks are so dreaded now. Anyway, enough said on that subject.

We survived our sleepover!!!! The boys went to bed at 1am. Well, they went to sleep then, anyway. Todd and I were downstairs watching CSI, and were cracking up at them because they kept getting cracked up. It was hilarious. Everything went great; there ended up being three extra boys here, not four like I'd originally thought. It was the perfect combo, too. He picked some great friends to come. There were no tears (well, not that many), nobody got hurt (well, not that bad), and nobody got left out. Unless it was by their choice. One boy that came doesn't have any gaming system at home, so every time he comes over, he disappears for hours. He sat in front of the PS2 a lot, but it was ok. He was happy and not being left out.

I woke up this morning (at 8:00~not bad for a sleepover) and fixed some St. Patty's Day pancakes! Fun, fun. I had a total Martha moment. I was so proud. Seriously, it was no big deal, I just dumped the better part of a bottle of green food coloring into the batter. It was actually a very pretty green. It's on my fingers still, so I can show you the color if I see you today. :)

re not doing much today, all the boys are staying over until around 3 this afternoon. I thought I'd let them play as long as they could. It's really nice out right now~well, if you look past the fog, that is~and it's supposed to warm up. Later today I'm taking the boys to Mimi's and Papa's house for a sleepover, then tomorrow they're going to the zoo with them. They're really excited about that. Tonight I have Bible study with the girls, so poor Todd will be on his own. :( Poor baby.

Well, I am going to post some pics from la
st night and this morning for your pleasure. Enjoy!!!

The green globs, otherwise known as St. Patty's Day pancakes!
Check out the green oozing out!
Getting the last bit of their sleep in!

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Leesha said...

Aww I am glad the boys had a great birthday party!!! I am so impressed with the green pancakes!!!

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