Friday, March 13, 2009

A Happy Poem

Drew brought me this last night. At first I got really excited because I thought he'd written it by himself, but he didn't write it. He read it in his reading book at school and liked it so he wrote it down. He did tell me that he really loved this poem, though. I love it too and thought it was cute enough to share with my bloggy friends. Enjoy.

By Myself

When I'm by myself and I close my eyes
I'm a twin
I'm a dimple in a chin
I'm a room full of toys
I'm a squeaky noise
I'm a gospel song
I'm a gong
And when I open up my eyes
what I care to be is me

On a different note, it's FRIDAY! And the last day of school before spring break! I don't know who's more excited, me or the boys. I think it's a close tie. We have loads of free time on our hands~I haven't really made any plans yet except for Graham's birthday sleepover. I pray that the weather will be nice for us. Well, I have to run, Drew has chorus this morning and I've got to get him there! Happy Friday!!!!

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