Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Coffee and Chatty Company

My darling little Jonah~bug woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning. Way too early for a very busy Saturday. We came home @ 9:30 or so and were in bed about an hour later. It was just the little guys and myself; Todd and the older boys camped out at Mom's and Bill's. And apparently got woken up @ 2am from the wind trying to blow them over! It was a gorgeous night for camping...they went out at 9 and it was 60 degrees or so and a perfectly clear night. All the stars were showing off their brilliance. It was beautiful.

I slept blissfully...until 7am when I heard someone singing in the bathroom. My precious little Jonah. God bless his little heart. He's just so happy. I went ahead and put on "the boot" and came downstairs with him. I drank coffee and checked email while he played his gameboy. Then he put it down and we started talking. He does love to talk, my sweet little boy. We talked about deer, and how they're a lot bigger than Santa's reindeer, and we discussed why the deer's antler's came off (we were watching a show about animals). He thought that was sad, but I explained that it didn't hurt the deer. Then we talked about their party today. He is really excited about his friends coming over. He asked if he was 6 today, or on Tuesday when his real birthday is. It's funny how he still doesn't really get that. He's just precious, though.

We talked a little more while I drank coffee and he drank his chocolate milk, then finally he went upstairs and woke poor sleeping Noah. Who fell asleep on the couch in 2 minutes last night at about 9:45. God bless his little heart. They ran all night at Mom's last night. For like 2 hours, that was all they did. He wore himself out. Anyway, so now they're upstairs playing and catching up since the last time they spoke, and we're waiting on the rest of the fam to get home. I texted Todd, but didn't get one back. I'm about to just call him and see what they're doing. We have a super busy day!!! Lots of work to do before this afternoon.

Well, speaking of that, I'm going to get off here and get started. Laundry is calling my name ever so loudly. And the vacuum. And the dust bunnies. AND...AND....AND....aaahhhh, such is life. Y'all have an amazing Saturday! Love ya bunches!!!!

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Phyllis said...

Have a wonderful day! I may see you at the wedding. I am looking forward to Tuesday!!!
Bunches of love.

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