Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before I Get The Boys From School...

I thought I would write. Because I just love to, and I figured you were all dying to see how my appointment went this morning. Lol. I don't really think that. I was just dying to write. :)

So, I went back to the orthopedic this morning and....sigh. I am still in the boot. BUT he did say that on Thursday I could TRY working without it. Notice the all caps on try. I went back to work yesterday and BOTH feet were killing me. It's the floors there. That's all there is to it. Hopefully once I get used to the inserts for my shoes, it will be better. That's what I pray, anyway. The doctor himself told me to go to Sports Authority,so I went and bought a pair of $25 inserts. They're the kind that support the inside of my arch, and the one I have in my right tennis shoe feels heavenly. I think it's going to work, people. You have no idea how much this excites me. I really have not been exaggerating, it's been a painful past few weeks. BUT I'm on the mend.

Onto other things...I am so happy to have a night spent at home, relaxing. I will not be doing ANYTHING (except dinner and cleanup after) after the boys get home. Well, I may go over sight words with Jonah and Noah, and then let them read to me, but that's it. Noah LOVES reading to me. I love to hear him tell Jonah how to sound out a certain word. This morning, however, Jonah was telling Noah the words. I don't think Noah's brain was "on" yet. It takes mine a while, too, poor kid.

Work/school was good today. The kids are all being nice, for the most part. I'm very pleasantly surprised. I was dreading yesterday after being on spring break last week. They usually come back wild, but not yesterday. ONLY 9 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!!! Then it's SUMMER!!!!!!!! My most favoritest of all times of the year! I can hardly wait.

Until then, we have baseball to keep us busy. This is another of my favorite times. Graham's and Drew's team starts practicing pretty heavily this week, and tball should start soon for the little guys. Probably in a couple weeks, or so. Graham is pitching this year! He's thrilled. I'm shocked. Well, not really. We were at conditioning a couple weeks ago, and I was amazing that throw after throw, he was dead center each and every time. I'm so proud. Drew wants to catch, but I'm not sure he really wants to. I think he forgot how hot and disgusted he gets with all that gear on, but we'll see. I love me some nights spent up at the fields watching my boys play. It's my idea of heaven. Especially if it's warm and breezy. :)

Well, I'm going to go and do a few things before I have to pick them up from school. I hope your day was blessed, and Happy Tuesday!!!!

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